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Awards Party 2012 Bike MS: Cactus & Crude

Oct. 16, 2012 Atmos Energy Building

National MS Society Lubbock

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Awards Party 2012 Bike MS: Cactus & Crude

Awards Party 2012
Bike MS: Cactus & Crude
Areas of Growth:
Conoco Phillips
Hess Corporation
Mr. James Scheele
Apache Corporation
Hess Corporation
Petro Communications Inc.
Odessa Regional Medical Center
Conoco Phillips
Concho Resources
Mr. Scott Gunn
Saulsbury Family Foundation Inc.
Apache Corporation
Western Container
Apache Start Line: 2011
2012 Fundraising Specifics:
Goal Amt:
2011 Amt:
Current Amt:
HEB Rest Stop: 2011
Team Mallory Keeps S'Myelin: 2012
Bubble Bistro: 2012
July 20th & July 21st
Midland - Big Spring - Post
Bike MS:
Cactus & Crude 2013
Big Spring Newspaper,
Front Pg: 2012
Apache Start Line: 2012
HEB Rest Stop: 2012
Team Concho: 2012
Team Hess: 2012
Team Apache: 2012
Team Mallory Keeps S'Myelin: 2011
Edwin Todd on the
Bike MS Blender: 2012
Growth of Bike MS:
Cactus & Crude
From 2010 to 2012
Club 25 for 2013

Gregory Hicks
Marc Atnipp
Mel McRee
Carolyne Hatcher
Simon Sattler
Betty Shaffer
Jim Farley
Andy Shaffer
Ed Price
Mark Solari
Robert Thomas
Shelby Levins
Darin Layton
William Hardie
Trace Wohlfahrt
Lucian Wray
William Pasewark
Ronald Nail
Jana Redwine
Stephanie Ashley
Darin Holderness
Lisa Holderness
Thanks for all your hard work!
Silver STARS
Jennie Banta
Scott Anderson
Kyle Olson
Kirby Castille
Darrel Smith
Michael King
Robert Seymore
Michelle Reid
VeeAnn Cross
Ken Clowes
Daniel Burns
Hunter Jaggard
Terry Caughron
Leesa Price
Jasha Cultreri
Randall Beasley
Jason Potter
Ruben Clemence
Michelle Hanson
Terri Solari
Jeff Brammer
Floranito Estrada
Bill Horne
Gregory Wheeler
Becky Tankersley Lange
Marcus Parham
Bruce Jaggers
Sheryl Ryan
Sari Smith
Benjamin Hardie
Ty Valdez
Randy Corbell
Russell Sawyer
Jon Mark Bernal
Clay Clark
Ryan Davis
John Gould
Haley Holderness
Rodney Holsworth
Chad McGehee
Carol Moore
David Shoore
Michelle Solari
Rachael Solari
Gregory Tonini
Rachel Tuck
Michael Williams
Richard Williams
Tom Williams
Travis Williams
Raised $1000+
2012 Club 10
Gary Pitts
Royce Mitchell
Douglas Heck
Greg Hicks
Michael Riojas
Robert Thomas
Bill Horne
Andy Shaffer
Marcus Atnipp
John Christmann
Follow us on...
A distinguishable set of two or more individuals who interact dynamically, interdependently and adaptively to achieve specified, shared and valued objectives.
3rd Top Fundraising Team
Team Jocelyn $21,500
2nd Top Fundraising Team
Carney Men $47,228
Top Fundraising Team
Team EOG $67,385
Committee Members
Toby Shahan: Chairman
Michelle Hanson: Presenting Sponsor Representative
John Gould: Rest Stops
David Ham: Mechanics
Melinda Bujnoch: Meals
Kris Criswell: Medical
Alan Sewell: Communications Day 1
Marvin Gross & Dustin Clark: Communications Day 2
Justin Bunch: State Guard
Staci Taylor & Renea Pitchford: Rest Stop Supplies
Bill Horne: Event Support
Thank you to...
The Atmos Energy Building
for allowing us to use their facilities!
Thank you to our
Presenting Sponsor...
Thank you to our
Media Sponsors...
Thank you's...
Thank you to our
Information about the
STAR Volunteers
Cheri Drysdale & Melissa Dimit
Best Rest Stops...
Day 1
Day 2
Best Rookie Team
MS Landsharks
Most Improved Fundraising Team...
Team Hess
Gary Pitts
Royce Mitchell
Michael Riojas
Thank you to our
$500 Cash Sponsors
Thank you to our
$1,000 Cash Sponsors
Mr. Scott Gunn
Thank you to our
$1,500 Cash Sponsor
Thank you to our
$7,500 Cash Sponsor
Thank you to our
In-Kind Sponsors
Thank you to our
Thank you to our
In-Kind Sponsors
In-Kind Sponsors
Bike MS: Cactus & Crude Ride
Artic Glacier
Big Spring Amateur Radio Club
Blue Bell
Covenant Neuro Science Institute

First Baptist Church of Midland
Howard County Fire Department
Lance Friday Homes
Midland Amateur Radio Club
Mrs. Baird's
Motorola Solutions
Odessa Parks & Recreation
Permian Basin Ambulance
Peyton's Bikes
Second Baptist Church of Midland
Sewell Ford
Sierra Springs
Texas State Guard
Willis Permian Movers
Big Spring Herald
Midland Reporter Telegram
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