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andrew richtmyer

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of science

wind is caused by different types of air pressure. global winds are made by high pressure going to low pressure land breeze is caused by the temperature see breeze is caused by differences in air pressure and temperature.

All information was found on Wikipedia.com
Radiation is the main transfer made.Conduction across an it space is poor. While convection will take heat up the chimney instead of in to the room because heat is less
the atmosphere
.the shape of the planet and the different angles of reflection from the sun determine the amount of solar energy from latitudes
.it helps it move because the rotation is faster at the equator then the north and south poles. say you throw a ball to your friend in the middle of north America once once you throw it it will land to the right of your friend because they have not caught up yet because they are further

Air Composition
some of the gases are oxygen, water, and water vapor.
keeps bad stuff out and causes Weather.
The atmosphere is divided into layers according to major changes in weather.
The major changes in weather causes pressure.
By Christian
Winds and Breezes
Air Competition
Thermos sphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere it shields us from radiation.
we need the ozone layer because without it we would be exposed to radiation.
Science Facts
Andrew All information was found on Wikipedia
land breeze is caused by the temperature in the air

sea breeze is caused by differences in the air pressure and temperature
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