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TISM final

No description

Belinda Moreira

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of TISM final

Finally...The Incredible Shrinking
Man remake Who would you cast?
Who would be the director?
What would the modern anxiety be today? Missing Items: The Incredible Shrinking Man Talk with your groups about what item is missing and the significance of each item. In the opening scene of the movie, what is the first thing Scott Carey asks of Louise Carey? What is this? Clothing Belinda Moreira, Heidy Morales, Chris Tabush, Lauren Schwalje, Kelly Pierce What was the brand name of the matches? The Knife Who is behind the box? What does Louise say right before Scott's wedding ring falls off? Do you view Scott’s clothing towards the end of the film to be more barbaric or do you believe there is a religious undertone happening? Name that frame. What is that? What's missing? Animals What do you think about the choice of these two animals for Scott to do battle with?
Why the cat?
Why the spider? What else do you think the animals could represent in the context of the Nuclear Age? Scott's Ring Tiny Tina A Match What is next to him? Science The Return to Original/Archaic Masculinity How did Scott identify himself as a man before he
began to shrink?

How does Scott identify himself as he becomes smaller? Lets instinct take over "Again I had the sensation of instinct, of each movement, each thought tuned to some great directing force." The Geiger Counter How does Scott regain his masculinity and come to terms with his new size? Caveman-like behaviors Brain+strength to achieve goals Fascination with fire Close Reading Domesticity Making the known alien. Religious Undertones Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Jack Arnold Directed It Came From Outer Space, Tarantula, Creature from the Black Lagoon
Film career started as an actor
Started a documentary film company. We made a number of documentaries over the years- for the State Department, the Ford Motor Company
"As luck would have it they sent me to join a unit that was making a film produced and
directed by Robert Flaherty. Now Flaherty was a kind of idol of mine so I decided to tell
him the truth. I went up to this giant of an Irishman and said, look, I've got something to tell
you--I'm an actor, not a cameraman.” –Arnold on his idol’s filmmaking influence Technology Even everyday actions become a challenge From the stills, how does the depiction of science differ between The Thing and TISM? What role did clothing play regarding Scott's identity?
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