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Vasco de Gama

No description

Samantha Laws

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Vasco de Gama

Vasco de Gama By: Samantha Laws
Due:Thursday May 2nd Accomplishments When and Where The Trip Who sent the explorer The explorers life Importance Exploration Facts MLA Vehicle used: Boat
did anyone else accompany him?: Only on his third journey'
Something interesting that happened during the trips:
1st:sick with scurvy
2nd:Led 20 ships
3rd:Was with his uncle and nephew Who was he sent by?: The king King Manuel The route Came from:Sines, Portugal
Born in: 1460
Died:24-Dec. Cochin, India’
Parents:Were poor
Did the explorer publish: No Sines Portugal It was important because he wanted to prove that the Indian Ocean is connected to other oceans and that he could get to India by boat India on a map Area of exploration: India How it was traveled:Boat and foot Time took: A little under 1 year He had 6 sons and 1 daughter
Is known as a tough and fearless navigator
He was the third son born in his family
He was a vengeance of the French gov.
His father was a knight First european to sail from Europe to Asia
Opened a trade system between India and Portugal It started in Lisbon in 1497. Jan. 1498, de Gama dropped their anchor in the port of Mozambiqu, and was dominated by Muslim traders. They arived in Calicut May 20th. The end :) De Gama's father statue of him at his birth place him leaving lisbon 1.)n/a, Vasco da Gama, 2013, A+E television network,5-1-13, http://www.biography.com/people/vasco-da-gama-9305736
2.)n/a, Vasco da Gama, 2013, BBC, 5-1-13,http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/da_gama_vasco.shtml
3.)n/a,Vasco da Gama, 2013, All About Explorers, 5-1-13, http://allaboutexplorers.com/explorers/dagama/
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