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Beyoncé Knowles Timeline

No description

Diana Dawood

on 24 May 2018

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Transcript of Beyoncé Knowles Timeline

Beyoncé Knowles
Timelime By:Diana Dawood

The group called "Girls Tyme"
In 1990, Beyoncé became a part of a group named "Girls Tyme" at the age of 8, along side with Kelly Rowland and classmates Latavia Roberson and Letoya Luckett in forming a vocal group.With a new take on rapping and dancing. These group of girls attracted a nationwide audience, which led to the discovery of West coast R&B producer Arne Frager who later brought them to California for a recording that featured Beyoncé.
Destiny's Child was born
In 1996, Beyoncé and her 3 other friends started a hip-hop group called "Destiny's Child". She was the lead singer of the group and wrote lyrics for all their songs. Beyoncé's father, Mattew Knowles, quit his full time job to mange the girls and helped them negotiate a deal for them with Columbia Records. They released their self-titled debut in 1998.
Destiny's Child second album
On July 27th of 1999, the group came out with a new album, The Writing's on the Wall, quietly debuts number 6 on the Billboard charts. After the CD got a momentum thanks to singles "Say my Name" and "Jumpin, Jumpin", it goes on to sell more than 8 million copies.
Charlie's Angel Soundtrack
On October of 2000, Destiny's Child contributes "Independent Women part 1" to the Charlie's Angel movie soundtrack. The song spend 11 weeks at number 1, raising the group's profile to full pop phenomenon.
It's a Girl!
On September 4th, 1981, Beyoncé Giselle Knwoles was born and raised in Houston, Texas, United States. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is simply known as Beyoncé. She's an American recording artist and actress. Beyoncé started out singing and dancing at a young age and she even signed up for talent shows and dancing competitions.
A Standing Ovation
Beyoncé started singing when she was 7 years old. She was dancing and singing in her church choir.
Beyoncé attended St. Mary's Elementary School in Texas. It was her dance instructor that discovered Beyoncé's vocal talents.
At the age of 7, 1998, Beyoncé entered her first talent show ever. The song she sang was by John Lennon's "Imagine". At just the age of 7 she won the talent show and she beats out 15 and 16 years old and receives a standing ovation.
Beyoncé's first Grammy Award
On February 21 of 2001, Beyoncé wins her first Grammy Award with Destiny's Child for "Say my name" a song she cowrote.
She later writes a song called "Survivor" about success, that was off the group's third album, which sold more than 4 million copies.
In 2002, Beyoncé becomes the first black women to win ASCAP's Pop songwriter of the year award.
Welcome to the BIG screen
"All the Single Ladies"
"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" was from Beyoncé's third album, I Am... Sasha Fierce. It was released by Columbia Records on October 13, 2008. This song was inspired by her secret marriage to Jay-Z in April 2008.
Making Grammy History
On January 31st of 2010, Beyoncé takes home 6 grammy awards of the 10 she was nominated for – including song of the year for "Single Ladies" and best female pop vocal for "Halo" – becoming the only female artist to win six trophies in one night.
A Baby Surprise!
On August 29th 2011, Beyoncé was pregnant with her and Jay-z's first child together.
The baby is born!
On January 7th, 2012 , Beyoncé and Jay-z welcome a new baby girl to the world. Blue Ivy Carter, in New York City.
Beyoncé Marries Jay-Z
On April of 2008 Beyoncé and Jay-z secretly got married in New York City. Beyoncé didn't want to people to know because she didn't want any drama to happen.
On July 26, 2002, Beyoncé stared in the Austin Power movie Goldmember. Beyoncé played the role of Foxxy Cleopatra. The movie tops the box office and made $73.1 million in its first week.
Beyoncé's starts dating Jay-z
In October of 2002, Beyoncé starts dating hip-hop singer Jay-z after she appears on his song "03 Bonnie and Clyde".
Beyoncé's Solo Success
In 2003, Beyoncé decides to go solo and on June 24th 2003, she releases her first solo disc, Dangerously in Love. The album sold over 317, 000 copies in its first week.
A Record Win
On February 8th of 2004, Beyoncé opened up the Grammys with Prince. 2 hours later she performed her song "Dangerously in Love". She takes home 5 Grammys and tying the record for most wins ever for a female artist.
Beyoncé makes AMA History
On November 18, 2007, at the 35th Annual American Music Awards, Beyoncé sings a Bluegrass version of her number 1 hit "Irreplaceable" with a country group Sugarland and ends the night making history as the first woman to win the International Artist Award.
Beyoncé's Secret Album!
On December 13, 2013, Beyoncé released her newest album, "Beyoncé". It released unexpected at midnight on iTunes with no promotion or announcement. "Beyoncé" debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with three-day sales of 617,213 digital copies. It became the highest first-week sales of her solo career, and the best-selling debut week for a female artist in 2013; six days after release it had sold one million digital copies worldwide.
Beyoncé is a very talented individual. She is a very successful women with many achievements, awards and accomplishment. Beyoncé has been here for a long time and is doing what she loves. In this timeline wasn't even a quarter of what Beyoncé did, she has done a lot of things in her life and she still has so many other achievements shes going to achieve in the future.
Thank you for watching!
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