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The Positive and Negative Effects of Learning in a Digital World

Beo Presentation

Cesar Alberto Campa Morales

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of The Positive and Negative Effects of Learning in a Digital World

Digital world affects us in:
Lack of communication in family, friends,etc..
Isolated people because they are only by their own world.
Social bullying by social networks.
If the system falls, people cannot work anymore until it is restored.
The Positive and Negative Effects of Learning in a Digital World
The Digital World
What is the Digital World?
The digital world that we live in today are the result of many innovations and technology advances. All of these things contribute to the changing of the world from what it was before.
The Negative Effects of the Digital World
Positive Effects of the Digital World
Technology affects us in a positive way in:
Saving time.
Every information in one device.
Information is sent faster everywhere.
Kids can have a new way of learning by computers for their future, but they have to be supervised
Thanks for your attention
Digital technology goes back to well before the modern era. It basically involves the use of a special language--a system of signs that combine together to convey information. Today, most people use the term "digital" to refer to computer technology. The modern computer has changed the world in ways both positive and negative.
Now let's go to the next theme
Now let's see the positive and negative effects of
in the digital world
Negative Effects of Learning in the Digital World
Learning by IPads, Computers , etc.. are good for learning, but they also have negative effects. Some of them are:
Media makes student dull and lazy.
Takes Away Learning Time.
Technology is Overused.
Students often use computers primarily for games.
Positive Effects of Learning
in the digital world
Now some of the positive effects are:
Media gives people a way to connect with one another through news updates or even social networking.
Children learn through educational games.
Easy Researching.
Students can use the Internet to virtually attend Web seminars put on by museums and other educational institutions. Examples: NASA, Universities, etc...
Learning with technology since childhood
Now let's see the positive effects
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