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A beginners guide to using apostrophes.

Jack Gration

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Apostrophes

Apostrophes Why do we need them? and How do we use them? There are two
ways that we
use apostrophes. 1. To show that someone
owns something. 2. To turn two words into one. This hat belongs to that cat. So.. it is the cat's hat. If one cat owns the hat
the apostrophe goes before
the "s". What if... more than one cat owned the hat? It is the cats' hat. You do the same but... this time the apostrophe
goes after the "s". Remember! If one person owns something the apostrophe goes before the "s". It is the cat's hat. But if more than one person
owns something... the apostrophe goes after
the "s". It is the cats' hat. Dysfunctional Skills Presents So how do we use an apostrophe to show
someone owns something? We put an apostrophe and an "s"
after the owner's name. For example... They are John's shoes. It is Ben's ball. The shoes belong to John. The ball belongs
to Ben. You have just learnt how to use apostrophes to show someone owns something. Well Done! You can test your knowledge by
completing our Apostrophes worksheet
on DysfunctionalSkills.co.uk Or... you can watch the next video to
learn about the other uses of apostrophes. Thanks for watching a
Dsyfunctional Skills Video
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