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Hamburgers Matter

Fast Food Edition

Tyler Miller

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Hamburgers Matter

Genghis Khan
Subway Sandwich
(Bacon Lettuce Tomatoes)
The Sandwich
The Steak Tartare
Small town in Kent county (East-England)
trading settlement (wic) on the sand
Lord Sandwich (John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich)
(18th cent.)
ordered slices of meat between slices of bread
others started ordering 'the same as Sandwich'
Famous Sandwiches
The Patty
Kublai Khan
The Mongol were nomadic people
They didn't even stop to eat
Kept some horse meat under the saddle
It crumbled and cooked from the animal's body heat, it was later called
steak tartare
During the siege of Moscow the Mongols introduced it to the Russians
(13th cent.)
The Russians brought it to the West
The Hamburg style steak
The port of Hamburg was one of the greatest in the 17th century Europe
The Russians were trading here, and brough the steak tartare with them
Immigrants from Europe arrived to New York on the ships of Hamburg America Line.
New York restaurants started to offer steak tartare, to attract sailors from Hamburg
The first restaurant to serve the lightly cooked ground beef with a raw egg was Delmonico's in 1873, they called it
Hamburg style steak
Popularization began with the growing meat production and the the meat grinder
The inventor was Karl Drais from Germany, he also invented the velociped
In the beginning it was served lightly cooked
Later they started cooking well and flame broiling the meat with hinged gridirons
Prezi Conf 2013
Hamburgers Matter
Hamburgers Matter
The Hamburger Sandwich
The Hamburger
Nobody knows who made the first, but there are several known stories:

Charlie Nagreen
was selling Hamburger steak between slices of bread at the Outagamire County Fair

Louis Lassen
of Louis’ Lunch from New Haven, the first flame broiled burger

Oscar Bilby
served the first Hamburger on a bun in Tulsa
Fast Food Pioneers
Famous Hamburgers
In the dawn of the 20th century urbanization, transport and increasing population required a faster way to feed people
The White Castle
Walt Anderson and Billy Ingram opened the first White Castle restaurant, by 1931 they had almost 100

Wichita, Kansas
was so popular, people ordered by the dozen
the company initiative was "The Hot Hamburger" eliminate waiting time, serve as fast as possible
made 30
hamburgers at once by perforating the meat
pioneered take-out service and the first to advertise in newspapers
Patrick McDonald's and sons saw their profit was 80% from hamburgers, they started focusing on fast food
San Bernardino
, California
by the '50s introduced
style by serving their customers without requiring them to get out of the car
in 1953 they started franchising, which was key to their "world domination"
Today the country
they were studying and improving kitchen protocol to improve them
Tomorrow the world
they are the largest fast food chain in the world
1 800 000+ employees work in more than 34 000 restaurants in 110 countries around the globe
they train their staff at Hamburger University where employees graduate as
"bachelor of hamburgerology with a minor in French fries"
their logo became the symbol of globalization and Western culture
Countries with McDonald's restaurants, showing their first year with its first restaurant
Ronald McDonald
company mascot
Such fertile market was predestined to grow giants

Miami, Florida

Columbus, Ohio

San Diego, California

Irvine, California
Quarter Pounder
(McRoyal) with cheese
Al Bernardin
Big Mac
Jim Delligatti
James McLamore
Single (with square patties)
1969 Dave Thomas
Fast Food Edition
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