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Pennsylvania PM

No description


on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Pennsylvania PM

Pennsylvania PM
Economic Location
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Pennsylvania's Economy
Pennsylvania's History
Pennsylvania's Geography
Pennsylvania's Government
Road Trip Distance
Lake Erie
This is a picture of Lake Erie.
It is the 4th largest lake in the U.S
Facts about Lake Erie...
People pick apples,grapes,oranges, and peaches
Location: Pennsylvania
State House
The people who signed the declaration of Independence
signed it here. George Clymer,
Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, James Smith,George Taylor, Benjamin Franklin,John Morton,
George Ross,and James Wilson signed the Declaration of Independence from the state of Pennsylvania.the Declration of Idependece was hidden in world war two. It is in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.
Fun Facts
Lehigh River
Fun Facts

It is in the ridges of the
Appalachian Mountains.
The Lehigh River is near
Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.
The wind gusts everyday
are up to 40 mph.
Pennsylvania's Governors Mansion

It has 7 stoneway pianos.
Everyday a show goes on at the mansion
Tourists are allowed to have a tour of the enormous mansion. It is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Hersheys factory
Hersheys is the best manufacturing
company in North America. The founder
is a guy named Milton A. Hershey.
Tourists are allowed to see how they make the chocolate. There are 13,700
employees in 2010.
1. In 1909 the first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh.
2. Hershey, Pennsylvania is considered
the chocolate capitol of the U.S.
3. In 1946, Philadelphia was the 1st state to access the computer.
4. Philadelphia was once the United States capitol.
5. Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell.
6. In Philadelphia, the largest city park is over 8,000 acres.
7. Pittsburgh is known for their steel.
8. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.
9. Betty Ross made the first american flag in philadelphia
10. Phili cheesesteak was made in Philadelphia.

One of the most common jobs in Pennsylvania is at the Hershey's Factory.
Another common job in Pennsylvania is farming for poultry /eggs and fruit and veggies
Lake Erie touches 4 states : New York, Pennslyvania,Ohio , and Michigan.

Lake Erie is located in Erie Pennsylvania too.
In this photo, you will find the beautiful Lehigh River
This is a picture of the pennsylvania state house back in the 1800s.
In this photo, the hersheys factory
stands above Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Fun Facts:
This is a photo of the Pennsylvania state Flag.
Every year Punxtawney Phil goes out of his hole and
predicts if there is another 4 weeks in winter. And the groundhog is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Liberty Bell is cracked because while it was ring after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835.ll Also,the Liberty Bell is located in The
Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennslylvania. It is
a iconic symbol of american independence.
The pennsylvania mountains
are not fond of snow.
1-2 inches of snow in the winter.
But the height of the mountains are very tall. Blue mountain marks
the boundary between the great
applachian mountains.
This is a picture of the
Pennsylvania governor.
Gov. Tom Corbett
This is a picture of the
senator of Pennsylvania.
Sen. Bob Casey
This is the other Senator
of Pennsylvania. Sen. Pat Toomey.
This is a climate map It
shows the weather
in states or countries.

Erie , Pennsylvania to
Philadelphia, PA to
Harrisburg, PA to
Jim Thorpe, PA to
WCE= 2,182 MILES!!!
312+96+78+66+1,630= 2,182 MILES
This is a political map
of Pennsylvania. A political
map shows counties,states,
and countries.
This is a resource map
of Pennsylvania. A resource
map is a map that shows
what goes on in Pennsylvania

This is a picture of the Pennsylvania
state economic map. A economic map
shows the economy in different places.
Maps #2

To honor our country
The abriviation for pennsylvania
is PA.
This is Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania's nickname is the
keystone state. For it's beautiful mountains.
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