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Beat the Winter Blues!

Winter dragging you down? Here are a few quick tips for boosting performance during a tough time of year:

David Searns

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Beat the Winter Blues!

Boost performance during
a tough time of year Beat the Winter Blues! Let There Be Light - Literally! Shorter days and dreary winter weather can negatively affect mood, energy level and work productivity. Improve Your Diet Water - Multiple Glasses a Day! Get Moving Keep employees from going stir-crazy by encouraging them to take periodic walk and stretch breaks.
Increasing physical activity enhances mood, increases focus and improves blood flow throughout the body - including the brain. Focus on
Professional Development Establish mentoring relationships and plan training or additional education. Make Time for You! Winter dragging you down? What about your staff? Here are a few quick tips for boosting performance (for yourself and your team) during a tough time of year: Brighten your workspace
with full-spectrum
light bulbs. It's easy, inexpensive and doesn't contain unnecessary calories or caffeine.
Keep it handy at all times.
Add flavor variety with lemons or limes. Protein Provides the body with fuel to repair and build tissues.
Not eating enough can be a primary reason for fatigue.
Include poultry, fish, lean red meats, nuts and dairy in your diet. Choose the RIGHT Carbohydrates Carbs are your body's preferred fuel source.
Choose whole grains and avoid sweets - which can cause energy levels to plummet. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce inflammation, combat depression, and improve mood and memory.
Sources include salmon, tuna, walnuts, flax seeds and leafy greens. Magnesium A mineral important in converting carbohydrates into energy.
Choose whole grains, dark green vegetables, almonds and walnuts. Hire a massage therapist to give 10-minute massages to employees (either free, or for a nominal fee). Schedule active, wacky, team-building exercises to break the monotony of work and re-energize staff. Spruce-up Your Work Space Update pictures and mementos around your office that remind you of warmer months. Apply a fresh coat of paint in a bright color to one of your walls. Bring in house plants to tend. Give the office, including windows, a thorough cleaning. It will let in more light and improve everyone's attitude about spending long hours inside. Working to achieve new goals can boost engagement and increase job satisfaction during long winter months. Get Outdoors Sure it might be a little cold, but fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your spirits. Treat Yourself Buy a new book, catch a movie, make time for the gym - schedule a little time every day that's just for you. Plan a Getaway Plan a trip to the spa, a family outing or anything else that gives you something to look forward to.
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