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Natural Breastfeeding How-Tos

During the early weeks, while you and your newborn are learning, Natural Breastfeeding positions are like the training wheels on a bicycle. These positions can give you and your newborn an easier start and prevent common bumps and bruises.

Theresa Nesbitt

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Natural Breastfeeding How-Tos

Natural Breastfeeding How-Tos
Adjust Your Body
Adjust Your Baby
Adjust Your Breast
See how you can use these 3 simple adjustments. Now you're on your way!
Live Demo
Relax, Please
In these natural positions, breastfeeding is much easier. When you relax fully, it works better.
Hands Free
You can do Natural Breastfeeding in many places. This mother feeds her 2-week-old by leaning back in a wing chair. Watch how she flips him so he's fully tummy down on her.
Gravity, Gaps & Gaze
Dr. Theresa describes 3 things to check when starting out with with Natural Breastfeeding positions
Like 2 Pieces of a Puzzle
Try variations of these positions till you find your best fit. As this mother discovers with her newborn, one size does not fit all.
In some positions your newborn can help, which makes early breastfeeding easier for both of you. Here's how.
For an Easier Start
A Team Effort
Breastfeeding is like a dance. It's a mutual give and take where both partners participate.
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