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No description

santiago sanchez chauca

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of E-commerce

1. Introduction
2. What is ecommerce?
3. What can you buy?
4. What do customers need?
To buy online you need an electronic device with an Internet connection.
5. What do businesses need?
Customers pros
- You can shop any time
- There is no need to travel saving time and money
- You can easily compare prices between different shops
- You can often get discounts on prices

The End

Esteven Santiago Sánchez Chauca
Guilermo Abellán Diaz

How does the web page work?
Here you can search the principal subpages of the web page.
Here you can see all
And here you can find specific item writing the name.

consists of the buying and selling of products or services through electronic means
You can comment
From the internet now you can buy a lot of products.
For example: Music, electronic devices, apps, food, clothes...

Need a web page on the people can buy the products
7.Businesses Pros & cons
Before online commerce
Now with online commerce
domain name for your web page
access to all the products
good menu
secure method of payment
order confirmation by email
8. Security measures

Laws have been created to try and safeguard your money and your rights.
A good e commerce site will be using Encryption to protect your information.
9. Payment methods
The key to e commerce is that you have to pay before receiving the product., there are many ways to do this, and this have advantages and disadvantages.
credit card
debit card
Pros: Don't need expensive shop premises perhaps in a high street,
Customers from all over the world can access your products,
Customers often impulse buy when online or add extra items

Customers pros & cons
-You need to be at home to receive your product.
-You can't check the quality of some items
-Security is lowly
Need to pay a lot of money to have a professionally designed web site developed,
If the website goes down then no one can purchase things,
No personal contact with customers so repeat orders might be harder to get.
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