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Realsim/ Scale Drawing

No description

Maia Pappadakis

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Realsim/ Scale Drawing

Realistic Grid Portrait
Print a portrait (not at a direct angle) and draw as many 1/2 inch squares as needed to cover the whole image. Number the columns and label the rows with letters.
Before the next step, be sure to erase the grid lines. Next, add value, or shading, to your image. No lines should be harsh. Finished!
Grid and label a larger piece of paper, scaling the 1/2 inch boxes to 1 inch boxes. Using boxes, draw the basic outline of portrait.
Realism/ Scale Drawing
Maia Pappadakis
Shade - a color produced by the introduction of black
Line - fracturing of space in color or black and white
Value - lightness of darkness of a hue or neutral color
Contour - represents edges and ridges of a form without shading or tonal variation
Gestalt - shape, figure, or form
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