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Animal Farm English Presentation

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C. Rodriguez

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm English Presentation

Animal Farm


Animal Farm
is a classic novel that criticizes all totalitarian governments. In this presentation, we will be describing the clear parallel between
Animal Farm
and the Russian Revolution.

George Orwell

Animal Farm

Born Eric Arthur Blair in India.
Orwell 's experience in northern England researching one of his novels converted him to socialism and political writing.
During his experience as a journalist, he learned about Stalin 's brutal dictatorship and his betrayal of communism. This inspires him to write
Animal Farm
Orwell was married twice and adopted a son. He passed away in 1950 from tuberculosis.
Claudia Rodriguez
Ana Castaner
Roxanna Masso
Honors English 9
Mrs. Vega
Animals live on a farm oppressed by humans.
Old Major (boar) preaches about a future where the animals will be free of human tyranny and produce for themselves.
Animals overthrow humans and establish a series of rules (7 Commandments) based on Old Major 's teachings.
Pigs become leaders, with two specific pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, being the most prominent of these.
Napoleon gets rid of Snowball and pigs eventually violate all the Commandments and change them for a simpler rule.
Napoleon becomes a tyrant and oppresses the other animals.
People's ignorance contributes to their oppression.
A very strong and dedicated horse, works rebuilding the windmill until he can't anymore.
Not very smart, believes Napoleon is always right and Squealer's propaganda is true.
His ignorance caused him to not realize he was being oppressed and taken advantage of by the pigs.
We can see this when he believes he is being taken to a hospital, when truly, Napoleon had sold him to a glue factory.

Russian Revolution
Proletariat or working class consisted mainly of uneducated people.
They liked the idea of a communist government because it seemed to benefit them.
Their lack of education, ignorance, led them to believe that Stalin was an incredible leader.
They stayed faithful even after Stalin had betrayed them.
Revolutions may result in a change of political power, but often most people's lives stay about the same.
A cynical old donkey who felt indifferent about the Rebellion and Napoleon.
As smart and able to read as well any pig, but rarely uses his skills.
Although the humans had been overthrown, the animal 's lives eventually return to their original oppression (this time with Napoleon).
Benjamin knew that this would be true.
"Life will go on as it has always gone on - that is, badly".
He is aware of the oppression.
Russian Revolution
In the years before the Revolution, food was scarce due to inflation and the peasantry began subsistence farming and striking.
After Stalin takes control, they move to the cities, believing life will be better.
They lived in small crowded apartments with no running water and piles of fecal matter.
Power corrupts those who possess it.
He considered himself President of the Republic.
Starts with equality, Animalism and the 7 Commandments.
Napoleon uses military force (attack dogs) to intimidate the other animals.
He becomes corrupted quickly after gaining power, using it for his own benefit.
Replaces Commandments with "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".
Russian Revolution
Joseph Stalin was a Russian Communist dictator.
During his regime, he transformed the Soviet Union from a peasant society into a military and industrial superpower.
He ruled by evoking fear and killing all those opposed to him.
He began with Karl Marx 's Communism ideals of equality, but ends up corrupted and betraying these ideals.
Stalin becomes a cruel dictator and establishes a totalitarian government.
In society, individuals aren't treated equally.
Pigs vs. Farm Animals
They lived in luxury, didn't work, became obese and walked upon 2 legs.
Their reasoning behind this was that they were smarter , therefore they needed better care.
Farm Animals
They were starving, uneducated, and lived in extremely poor conditions.
They were over-worked and unfed.
It is clear that there was unfair and unequal treatment between the farm animals.
The pigs established a regime where it benefited them, but oppressed the other farm animals.
Joseph Stalin vs. The Russians
Joseph Stalin
Stalin's chase for agricultural and industrial projects led to the deaths of millions of Russian peasants.
Stalin craved power, he lived in luxury and comfort while the peasants were over-worked and under-fed.
The Russians
Many Russians died because they were starved to death, executed for political offenses, or imprisoned.
The Russians were worked to death.
Between Joseph Stalin and the Russians, there is clear inequality. Stalin lived better than the Russians.
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Their lives didn't really change, they stayed oppressed and starved.
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