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today i want tell you three wishes

No description

linh linh

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of today i want tell you three wishes

the first . i want to be a teacher because i want teach the children
i think some children in the world are not go to school.i think they have not some money or their parents want they earn a living. i will teach them some subjects and i gratis
today i want tell you three wishes

no money

the second i want the world have not war. sometime i listen in the television China want invade some island of Viet Nam. i think it is awful. China is very big country and Viet Nam is very small country but Why is china want
invade Viet Nam ? I don't know. i think some Chines are greed

stop now

some chines is greed
finally i
have one song talk about wishes
the third. i wanna my family is always happy. i want my grandfather and grandmother are always healthy. Hereabout i think them weak. I don't like . And my parents i want them earn much money. Because money with my family is very important.
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