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Endangered Bald Eagles in North America

No description

Jimmy Miller

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Endangered Bald Eagles in North America

How we can help correct the problem What is the problem How did humans effect this?
Identify specific ecosystems being affected Endangered Bald Eagles in North America Bald Eagles used to be one of the moat respected birds in the sky, however since the late 1800's Bald Eagles have become an less and less. People didn't become aware of the diminishing population of Bald Eagles until the 1930's. In the 1940's the Bald Eagle Act was passed, but at the same time DDT and other harmful pesticides were being used. The posion in the pesticide affected the eagles eggs, and the adults. For the adults it posioned there food supply which was mainly small animals. For the eggs, the shell layers thinned until they couldn't withstand the incubation period, and they would collapse.From 1917-1953 over 100,000 Bald Eagles died in Alaska alone. By the late 1960's, and early 1970's Bald Eagles were placed on the endangered species list in most of the states.Bald eagles were officially declared an endangered species in 1967 in all areas of the United States south of the 40th parallel.Until 1995, the bald eagle had been listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, and listed as threatened in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington and Oregon.two decades after the banning of DDT the Bald Eagles status was upgraded to "threatened" in 1995. Humans had a major impact in the endangerment of Bald Eagles. There were multiple causes for this, but the main one is the use of DDT. This is a harmful pesticide that posioned the eagles food supply, and destroyed the eggs.Another big cause that lead to this is fatal gun shot wounds from careless hunters. Another big reason for the Bald Eagles becoming endangered is because of electric wires. Mainly because while they're taking off or landing their giant wings would hit the wires, and they'd either die of fatal burns or heat failure. One of the more major places that we've all heard about is the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. That ecosystem has been affected quite a bit. 20% of the eagles there have died from powerlines. 14% of the eagles there have died from poisonings. What is being done to help improve or correct this problem? Here are a list of things being done to help improve the problem.
-nest monitoring
-release young birds into the wild
-monitor population
-improve protection Current Situation
Right now the current situation with Bald Eagles is that they've been recently removed from the endangered species list, and have made a remarkable recovery. Along with the being removed form the list, their population is recovering at a steady rate. One way we can help to correct the problem is to not leave out or make poisonous substances or liquids able to be exposed to or open to any types of animals especialy bald eagles. Bibliograpghy http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/eagle11.html By: Jimmy and Joey DA ENDER!!!!!
Save da birdies!
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