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Copy of Cheerios Commercial (1990)

Advertising Example March 12, 2013

Claire Hawkes

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cheerios Commercial (1990)

Ad Example: Cheerios Commercial by: Claire Hawkes Target Audience & Communication objective Insight and Benefits Insight:

It's the little things that make happy holiday memories!

People just want to have memories of love and belonging (think of Hierarchy of Needs) Benefits

Cheerios is something warm, familiar and comforting that families can come together and happily share Effective!

Heartwarming, comforting, cute

Can even apply to college kids' sense of nostalgia

Even if you're not in the target group, you may have a family someday What is the ad's issue?

Families not being together for the holidays

But with Cheerios, you can remember the experience of times with loved ones and also create new memories! Does commercial speak to Target?

Yes! Uses a Slice-of-Life example to trigger the emotions of the target audience. What are the Communication

To remind consumers of the happy memories associated with cheerios, and the happy holiday moments to come!

Very Effective! Intended Audience:

Families! Especially Grandparents or parents with small children.

Also, anyone with nostalgia of the brand
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