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what is an eisteddfod?

No description

marykate sims

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of what is an eisteddfod?

what is an eisteddfod?

what is an eisteddfod?
why do we have an eisteddfod
an eisteddfod i when you dress up on the 1st of march and you take part in all of the competitions and you can win prizes and who ever does the most stuff wins and becomes the eisteddfod king /queen
the was a man called a long time ago he was called st David in welsh dew i saint he was a man who helped people like is teacher Palanuins. and one day Paulinas become blind so dew i cane up yo him and touches his eyelids and the he was able to see again and one day he put an handkerchief on the floor and the hill grew and every one loved him and from that day onwards we have an eisteddfod to remember him .
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