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Topic 5 – Online Communities

No description

Emilie Paillette

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Topic 5 – Online Communities

Topic 5 – Online Communities 5.1. the features, functions and target audience of different forms of online communities 5.2. ways in which ICT is changing the way knowledge is created 5.3. the impact of the internet on employment and working practices; collaborative working 5.4. the impact of the internet on ways of socialising 5.5. responsible use and acceptable behaviour 5.6. ways in which ICT is used to communicate and collaborate on a global scale. (c) Stevie produces her own music tracks. She uploads her music to a forum site.
(i) Give two reasons for doing this. Any two reasons from:
• To get people’s opinions of her music
• To share her music with other people / to get
herself known
• To get ideas from other people
• To get to know other people with similar
• To work collaboratively with others (iii) Stevie wants to inform others about her experience.
State one way that she could do this online.
(1) Any one way from:
• Use a review site / add review/complaint/rating
on the company’s website
• Add comments to a forum
• Blog/microblog
• Email
• Social networking site (b) Mitch and Stevie like to play games online with other users.
Explain how playing games online can help them develop social and other skills.
(3) Explanation to include three of:
• Share and comment on others achievements
(e.g. scores)
• Ability to play co-operatively with others
• Can join teams / clans and play with others
• Ability to chat with other users in-game
• Can chat / play with users from all over the
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