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Operation Desert Storm Prezi

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Joseph Diello

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Operation Desert Storm Prezi

Operation Desert Storm
By: Thomas Parda and Joseph Diello
Few campaigns in military history have been as successful as Operation Desert Storm. This was a codename for the Gulf War. It began on August 2, 1990 and ended on February 28, 1991. The US joined in response to when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

The Gulf War started off with aerial weapons and bombing. In mid January 88,500 tons of bombs were dropped on Iraq. Shortly after, Operation Desert Storm was launched for the offensive. The main point of the operation was to take out Iraq's anti aircraft buildings.
The General in charge was Norman Schwarzkopf. Norman said "If he dares to come across that border and come down here, I'm completely confident that we are going to kick his butt when he gets here." Troops didn't think they were going to fight in plain desert, with no cover whatsoever. U.S troops were not supposed to cause any offense with all the other muslim troops, women had to cover up. America was horrified at what Iraq did in Kuwait. They publicly executed people right in the streets. Kuwaiti civilians were taken to Baghdad as hostages. Saddam had tanks on all border openings in Kuwait; he was all defense.

Thousands of Kuwaiti civilians were murdered during this op. Over six hundred Kuwaitis were missing in the time of Iraq's occupation. Many air attacks led to many civilian deaths during Operation Desert Storm. In the first 24-hours of Desert Storm one thousand military dispatches were flown. Baghdad was targeted with many bombs, because it was the command and control unit. This made a lot of civilians die.

Operation Desert Storm was a big turning point for the Air Forces. They were able to use strong air attacks which would make a ground war unnecessary. These were also very successful because there wasn't much space to hide or use for cover on the ground. This also helped keep many civilians alive. U.S. planes took off at night and were going to drop bombs on Iraq's runways. This was the beginning of Operation Desert Storm.

Iraq threatened to take over Saudi Arabia, if they succeeded they would control a fifth of the world's oil. Finally on March 3, 1991, Iraq accepted the cease-fire terms and Operation Desert Storm was ended.

Many deaths were caused by friendly accidental attacks. Of the low one hundred-forty eight U.S. soldiers who perished in battle, a whopping 24% were killed by friendly fire, thirty five personnel. Eleven died in bombs of coalition munitions (meaning own team bullets). Nine Britain's died when a USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II blew up a group of two Warrior IFV's, this was a friendly fire incident.

"Many soldiers agreed with Operation Desert Storm and it's plan. They were on the ground for less than a day because of their air power."
~Mr. K
"Soldiers usually lived near the base where they were stationed. They would drive to that base every morning and get ready to go to work."
~Mr. K
*Starts to cry* “I..” “It made me enjoy life a little bit better. I mean a lot of times when we weren't working, you know we were trying to sleep. There was always, you know potential missile impacts coming, so the alarms and sirens were always going off, we were always having to get into the bunkers. You know we were pulling guard duty, with rifles, with live ammunition locked and loaded. It was just a lot of nerve racking, you know scared for your life things. Like, what’s going to happen? What if something happens? but you know with hindsight nothing did happen, so its not that bad. When you're going through it just made you think of your family, think of your loved ones, I wasn’t married at the time, but it did make you think.”
~ Scott Bailey
“Well, it was really the decision to join the Marines and I just happened to go to Operation Desert Storm, but I wanted to join the Marines actually to be, well, tough *snickering*.”
~Scott Bailey
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