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Obscure- Integrated Literacy Studies

Harini Kandavel

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of wordstudyprezi2013hk

1400 1350 1363 1376 1388 Definitions 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Pronounciation (My Version) uhb-skyoor Syllables Ob-scure Why I Chose my Word I found the word "Obscure" in my personal reading at home! The book I found it in was "Claim To Fame" by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The sentence that the word was being presented in was "The connection between Curran's obscure writing and his famous daughter has gone unnoticed all these years!" The word "Obscure" was italicized in the story, which caught my attention! I was not familiar with obscure while I was reading my book, so I decided to use it for this presentation. Isn't fully expressed or Understood Dictionary Not clear or plain 1350-1400; ME < OF oscure, obscur < L obscurus dark Synonyms Vague
Conceal Parts of Speech Adjective Obscure Related Words Own Words Sentence By:Harini Kandavel obscurer - Adjective
obscurest- Adjective
obscured- Verb
obscurely - Adverb
obscureness- Noun
sub obscure- Adjective
sub-obscurely- Adverb
sub-obscureness - Noun Word Origin How my sentence represents the word Obscure I feel that my sentence represents the word "Obscure" appropriately because I stated how Bob's instructions were obscure. They were obscure because the narrator thought Bob was being fairly vague. He/She did not understand what was going on, and how they can get out of the trouble they were already in! "I think Bob's obscure instructions will get us into more trouble than we intended to be in, he's being fairly vague and I don't know what he is trying to say!" HEY... What do you think the word "Obscure" means? Chat with your partner, and come up with an answer together! Thank You! Let's Play A Game! I will be asking the class 3 questions of trivia about the word "Obscure"! The class will be separated into 2 teams : A and B! The points will be calculated on the board. For each question I ask, you will have 30 seconds to collaborate with your group to find the answer. Once I say "go" the first team to have ONE hand raised in the air will be allowed to answer. Which ever team has the most points at the end of the game wins! Question #1 What part of speech is "Obscure"? a) Noun
b) Adjective
c) Adverb
d) Verb Answer b) ADJECTIVE Question #2 (1 point) According to the word origin, what does Obscure mean? (2 points) a) Light
b) Unclear
c) Dark
d) Open Answer c) DARK
Question #3 Which one of these words, that are related to obscure, is a verb? a) obscurely
b) obscureness
c) obscured
d) obscurer
(5 points) Answer c) OBSCURED AND THE WINNER IS...
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