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Adverbial Phrase

No description

Sammie Hendren

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Adverbial Phrase

The sailed across the lake yesterday. What is an adverb phrase?

"A prepositional Phrase that modifies a verb, an adjective, or an adverb is called an ADVERB PHRASE" A Prepositional Phrase includes a preposition, the object of the preposition, and any modifiers of that subject. Adverbial Phrase By Wednesday Christopher will be finished.
BY WEDNESDAY Christopher will be finished.

The adverb phrase BY WEDNESDAY tells when
Christopher will be finished. The calculations erred by more
than two inches. Reminder: what is a prepositional

Identify the adverb phrase:
Brittney answered with a smile Brittney answered WITH A SMILE The adverb phrase "with a smile" tells how Brittney answered They sailed ACROSS THE LAKE yesterday They sailed "across the lake" tells where they sailed The Calculations erred BY MORE THAN TWO INCHES BY MORE THAN TWO INCHES is an adverb phrase telling to what extent the calculations are needed. In all of these sentences...the adverb phrases all modify verbs. An Adverb Phrase may modify an adjective or an adverb Examples: Melissa is good AT TENNIS but better AT
VOLLEYBALL The adverb phrase AT TENNIS modifies the adjective GOOD. The adverb phrase AT VOLLEYBALL modifies the adjective BETTER. Adjective Phrases almost always follow the words they modify, but an adverb phrase may appear at various places in a sentence. Examples BEFORE NOON, the race started
The race started BEFORE NOON Like adjective phrases, more than one adverb phrase may modify the same word. EXAMPLES DURING SUMMERS, my older sister works AT THE MUSEUM The adverb phrases DURING SUMMERS and AT THE MUSEUM both modify the verb WORKS. The first phrase tells when my sister works; the second phrase tells where she worked. Identify the adverb phrase in the following sentences, and give the word or words each phrase modifies. 1.We use time expressions in everyday speech.2.In conversation, you may have heard the expression “time out of mind,” which means long ago.3.When you fall in love, you feel that “time stands still.”4.Is twenty minutes too long for a “time-out”?5.If something happens “in no time,” it happens very fast.6.Have you ever noticed that “time flies” when you are chatting with your friends?7.However, if you are sitting in a waiting room, “time drags.”8.Are you keeping someone’s secret “until the end of time”?9.Do people stop you on the street to ask if you “have the time”?10.In the meantime, “time marches on” under the steady gaze of “Father Time”.
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