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Tuwaang Attends a Wedding

No description

K-chaela Sultan

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Tuwaang Attends a Wedding

Map of the Region XXII (Caraga)
Tuwaang calls his aunt and informs her that the wind brought him a message, he is to attend the wedding of the Maiden Monawon.The aunt tries to dissuade him from going, for she foresees trouble.Tuwaang however is determined to go. He rides in a flash of lightning and arrives at Kawkawangan grassland. While resting there a while, he hears a gungutan bird crowing. The gungutan dream also to go to the wedding, so the two agree to go to the wedding together. Upon arriving at Monawon, Tuwaang is admitted into the hall. He sits on a golden stool, while the gungutan perches on a crossbeam
Finally, the groom, the Young Man of Sakadna, arrives with a hundred followers. He haughtily asks the house owner to clear the house, implying the people in the house who do not count. To this insult Tuwaang answers there are all "red leaves". Preliminaries of the wedding ceremony start. The savakan are offered one by one until only the two most certainly remain. One is the given the value of an ancient gong with ten bosses and nine relief rings, the other is redeemable only by a golden flute. The groom confess his in ability to redeem those things. Tuwaang saves the groom from the embarrassing, using his magic breath he produces an ancient gongs, a golden flute and a golden guitar, which is also accepted by the brides party
The bride is now asked to come out of her room and serve the guests some betel chew. She commands here betel box to serve everyone. Magically the betel box obeys, with the betel chew jumping into the mouths of the guets. After two betel chews leap into the groom mouth, the betel box moves on to Tuwaang, before whom it stops altogether. Tuwaang brushes it away, but the box does not budge. The bride decides to sit beside Tuwaang. The groom feels ashamed. He challenge Tuwaang. In the middle of the fight Tuwaang thrust into the earth and sinks into the Underworld. There he talks to Tuhawa's god of the Underworld, who tells him the secret of overcoming his foe. Tuwaang surfaces and summons the golden flute in which the Young Man of Sakadna keeps his life. Accompanied by the gungutan, Tuwaang takes the bride home to Kuaman, where he rules forever
Tuwaang Attends a Wedding
Administrative region of the Philippines on the northeastern portion of the island of Mindanao.
The region is composed of five provinces, six cities: 67 municipalities and 1,311 barangays. while Butuan City is the regional center.
Moral Lesson
"It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody"
"The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves"
Jealousy & War
"Love is being stupid together"




~ protagonist of the story
Maiden of Monawon
~ the heroine of the story
Young Man of Sakadna
~ the antagonist of the story
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