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Featherless Chickens

No description

cole myers

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Featherless Chickens

In Israel at the University of Jerusalem they are researching to create featherless chickens.

Research Being Conducted
Featherless Chickens
The main reason for them to get rid of the feathers. Is because the chickens don't have to be kept in air conditioned rooms in warmer countries. This saves money.
The chickens may be unable to mate. This is because they cannot flap their wings.
The chickens are also more susceptible to parasites and mosquito attacks.
They are also prone to sunburns.
Faster and More energy efficient growth.
No plucking
Better adaptions to hot climate.
People are very controversial over the topic.They vary from side to side.
Some people are fine with the featherless chickens saying " Its still chicken"
Some people like animal rights groups think it is inhumane to genetically change the chickens.
The main thing is it still taste like chicken.
They have used natural expression to express and repress certain genes.
The two alleles used to create them are the "naked neck" gene (NA) and the scaleless gene (Sc).
The scaleless gene is a recessive gene that stop feathers from developing
They express a combination of the 2.
Mechanics Of Engineering
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