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History and Rise of the Taliban

No description

Tony Tran

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of History and Rise of the Taliban

by Tony and Donovan Their Leader and the Rise Mohammed Omar and The Taliban Rise Mohammed Omar born on 1959
Given the name Mullah Rackety
The warlords who owned the city of Kandahar started tease Omar
warlords left behind large amount of firearm started in 635AD
Islam soldiers and the Prophet started to rule Kabul
Islam was accepted to become a religon
In Persian "talib" is seeker
In Afghan "talib" is student
Talib who stays in school
Became Jihad History and Rise of the Taliban The 911 Attack The Rule over Afghanistan The Talibans has brutal rules over the county
Women were forbidden
forced women to wear a burqa
all chores must be done
Non-islamic dress, make-up and western products are forbidden
Music, dancing, toys, cinemas/TV, photographs were banned
books needed to be approved
windows must be painted black Their Supporters and Opposers 1990 2010 1994: The Taliban took over Spin Boldak bear the Pakistani border. 1996: They took over Kandahar and its capital 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 1992 2001: War was declared and both U.S and the Taliban now fight. March 12,2001: The Taliban blew up 2000- year-old Buddhist statues.
Sept 9, 2001: Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud was wounded in a suicide attack and dies a few days later.
Sept 11, 2001: Osama attacks World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.
Sept 24, 2001, Taliban calls a jihad against US if they come forcing in.
Oct 7, 2001: US and British forces bombed the Taliban air defense and airport-based command center 2002: Pakistani intelligence officials detain Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taliban's former ambassador to Pakistan, then sent into US custody. 2005 2005: They regroup in large numbers and continue attacking US troops. May-June: Had an overwhelming suicide bombings and launched Operation Mount Thrust, sending 10000 Afghan coalition forces in the south.
August-September :Nato takes over military operations in southern Afghanistan and launched its largest attack in its 57-year history. But the Taliban fights back where suicide bombings and roadside attacks are now more frequent and dangerous. 2006 2002 2007 2007:Taliban kills one of a group of 23 South Korean hostages after their demands for a prisoner exchange are not met by the Afghan government. 2001 2008 2008: About 80 people are killed and nearly 100 injured when a suicide bomber attacks a crowd watching a dogfight near Kandahar. 2009 2009: Barack Obama plans to send another 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan. About 4,000 US marines and 650 Afghan army forces launch major offensive on Taliban strongholds in southern Helmand province Thank You for Listening Soviet troops leave Iran and Pakistan in 1989
Children had no family and in raised in religious schools.
Clinton administration and Reagan aministration helped their rise.
Pakistan Government see Taliban as protectors .
Taliban took over Afghanistan. After fighting the warlords it was left nothing
while trying to reconstuct their country
government want to be only Islam
Islamic state
Omar was fit to lead as their government
as of Dec 2009 Omar is now head of a nine-member inner council
Patrick seiber says Omar has lost control September 11 2001 4 airplances we hijacked
first three planes sucessfully hit the Twin Towers
Pentagon got damaged
passengers stopped the last plane, regaining control
US intelligence linked Osama Bin Laden was responsible
US started to bomb Afganistan
started to take over Afghanistan supporters were Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan
Osama Bin Laden was one of their supporter
after 9/11 both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia stopped support
Those who opposed
Afghan United Front or the Norther Alliance opposed the Talibans In the begining Talibans Conclusion Talibans are still fighting back in Afghanistan. they make illegal drugs for profit. Civilian casualties have increased. Talibans have estabised strongholds in Aghanistan and the borders of Pakistan. They also plan to increase their presence in Pakistan US plans to send more troops Talibans are still fighting back in Afghanistan
They make illegal drugs for profit.
Civilian casualties have increased.
Talibans have estabised strongholds in Aghanistan and the borders of Pakistan.
They also plan to increase their presence in Pakistan
US plans to send more troops
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