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No description

tom devlin

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of passata

profit and loss forecast
we estimated how much different costs would affect the profit
expectations of the day
what duties you were involved in during the cook
i was involved in peeling the garlic and loading the bottles into the styrofoam
resources needed
the resources needed were mainly the tomatos, garlic and the burners.
Thomas Devlin
how did the process of making passata show social diversity
the making of passata showed social diversity by giving each person a job and letting them thrive on their own.
how did i demonstrate teamwork
i demonstrated teamwork when i helped people if they needed help.
how did i demonstrate leadership
i demonstrated leadership by taking charge when there was people just standing around doing nothing.
what could you have improved
i could have gotten more precise measurements
we needed to check the weather forecast to make sure it would not pour down rain,
thoughts on the process, could it be improved
the process could be improved by creating a roster to make the day more efficient
rate the process out of 10
the process in my opinion was roughly a 7/10 because it was executed well but could have been improved.
advice for future year 12's
make sure that you use your time well and stay busy.
when did the class negotiate
the class negotiated the cost of the bottles during class time
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