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Olympic Group Presentation

No description

Glow AUC

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Olympic Group Presentation

I Spark Sarah El Deeb
Hosam Shobak
Mohamed Ibrahim Vision Expand OG’s market as well as increasing profit by building on OG’s capabilities and know-how while fulfilling social responsibilities. Through new services, help qualify OG to be a competitor not only on the regional level but expand into the multinational domain. Mission Provide a means for OG to enrich Egyptian citizens’ lives with innovative and quality products which emphasis OG’s strong founded lifetime commitment to serve and ensure customer satisfaction. All the while, increasing profitability even in less demanded products and giving OG the upper hand over competition with its quality service. The idea Personalized House Hold Appliance Sets Themes
Different Sets Themes Providing more colors and designs to
provide the customer with more personalized
choices. Home Sets Expand on already available sets
to provide a means of selling
products with low demand by
combining them with various 'Star'
products. http://www.crazyjunkyard.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/refrigerators-designs.jpg http://www.trendir.com/archives/smeg-fab30-fridge-colors.jpg SWOT Analysis on OG Strenghts High demand on washing machines and water heaters
Trusted name
Serving most economic classes Weaknesses Low demand on fans and vacuums
Oppurtunities Demand for colored sets
Threats Financial crisis
Competition Idea Evaluation Strengths Minor changes to equipment
Have coloring equipment for washing machines
Easier to sell sets
Sell products with low demand
Coloring materials available Weaknesses Machines to color other equipment
Limited no. of colors
Increasing prices of steel
Loyalty to other brands
Threat of negative perceptions Time Plan Feasibility of Idea Target Market All economic classes Growing need for customization
http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/5291655/2/istockphoto_5291655-cartoon-style-construction-worker.jpg Survey Results Sample Sets Kitchen Sets Set 1:
Fridge and Cooker (Ideal Zanussi)
Microwave and Oven Exhaust Fan (Olympic Electric)

Set 2:
Fridge and Cooker (Ideal)
Fan and Oven Exhaust Fan (Olympic Electric)
Bathroom Sets Set 1:
Water Heater, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner and Fan (Olympic Electric)
Set 2:
Washing Machine and Water Heater (Ideal)
Vacuum Cleaner (Olympic Electric)
Promotion With newspapers
In key accounts
In malls
Flyers Improve Website Display Sets in: In key accounts
In malls
Advertisements TV

New Key Accounts Investing the Products of OG in different
Key accounts rather than just hypermarkets
Examples: Madinty, EL Rehab, Furniture/Ceramic
stores like Mahgoub and El Sallab, etc. After Sales Service Ensure quality of installation

Regular check up
http://www.clker.com/cliparts/0/f/c/2/1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi.png Why Maintenance? According to other survey results

The two most important criteria people
look for in home appliances are QUALITY
and TRUSTED BRAND or brand they have purchased

The most important criteria for after
sale services (from most important)
are expertise of technicians,
quality customer support, and price.
Maintenance Services Frequent check up visits (every 6 months)
Trading old machine for new one at lower price (guarantee customer will buy from you and reselling)
Maintenance Services (cont') Recommendations

Training for technicians and call center operators
Email automated response or online forum
Improve website
Price Consistency to support image and quality
Thank You! Questions? Color When asked about demand for color

45% Replied Yes

Extra Cost When asked about how much extra they would be willing to pay

45% Replied 100-200 LE
55% Replied 300-500 LE
Common Colors and Markets Most common colors demanded:

Most common hypermarket visited was
found to be Carrefour
Sets When asked about buying sets from OG

25% said likely Current Painting Line Pre-treatment channel
Erase the protective oil
Modifications Modifications of the booths.

Powder Booth.

Short term plans

Long Term Plans
Case Studies for OG Lines Washing Machines painting line.
Fridges painting.
HR Recommendations industrial:
Train technicians for colouring
Increase number of technicians
Training for call center operators
Hire new sales people
Training for sales people
Train/hire personnel for improving website
Further Recommendations Further recommendations:
Price Consistency to support image and quality

Future recommendations:
Flexibility with set
Stickers and engraving
Variety of colours
Customized design
Email automated response or online forum
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