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Campaigning & the Web - Thesis

Thesis presentation

James Carroll

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Campaigning & the Web - Thesis

involve Features include:
Contact the producer
Receive email
Join/become a member
Volunteer A Web practice can be defined as the way in which Web producers “create, appropriate, manipulate, link to, and display digital objects that can be accessed by Web browsers” Web Practice inform information about the
campaign or political process Features include:
Candidate biography
Issue positions
Campaign or voting process information creation and provision of online structures
which give opportunities to facilitate interaction
between site visitors and the campaign organization mobilize provides opportunities for individuals
to interact with others not directly
associated with the campaign techniques the means used to
demonstrate the practices Co-production - The content of the site comes from sources outside
the campaign, i.e. blogs or photos submitted by site users and
visitors and approved for inclusion by the site producer Convergence - Bringing together on-line and off-line content such as the integration of print, broadcast, and other traditional forms of media with the Internet....elements of structure, or practices, could encourage or enable a user to engage with another user in the off-line world. For example, a quote from a newspaper may encourage the visitor to read the entire news article. Linking - The user is able to move to a site created by another producer through links. One example is the direct accessibility via a mouse click from a candidate’s own Web site to a political party Web page. Inform Involve (and Web 1.0 mobilize) Definitions Johnson Thune Rehburg Tester Kaine Allen Campaigns 2002 2012 Campaigning
the Web Features include:
Contribution to a communication space
Send links
Off-line distribution of campaign materials
Public support statement
E-paraphernalia AND The practice The practice The practice "Features" fulfill the practices
within each online structure. Candidate
biography Issues Candidate
biography Online Structure "...an electronic space, comprised of various html pages, features, links and texts, within which an individual is given an opportunity to act" & mobilize convergence & linking & mobilize public support statement & inform linking and convergence inform & mobilize linking & mobilize Web 1.0
"snail mail" & mobilize & mobilize & inform personal endorsement linking linking & mobilize public support & mobilize 2004 Enter Web 2.0
and the Dean campaign 2012 inform & mobilize convergence co-production
& linking co-production inform involve convergence? co-production
& linking co-production convergence
& linking co-production co-production mobilize involve
& mobilize inform involve mobilize convergence co-production linking biography issues The End involve mobilize convergence co-production linking issues biography issues mobilize co-production convergence linking candidate
biography issues convergence linking inform involve mobilize candidate
biography issues
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