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nobles foods and foods today

No description

razan abu-shaera

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of nobles foods and foods today

Nobles Foods
and Foods Today

Types of Foods and Drinks
Nobles Foods
Foods Today
The End
Nobles ate very different kinds of foods from foods we eat today but some things they ate were the same, for example: bread, cheese, milk and meat. There were very different foods we don't even know about. Some foods could be very soft, hard, or have no flavor. Foods today have lots of flavor like sweet, sour, or spicy. There are more types of foods now than the Middle Ages. Foods for the nobles were healthy in some ways. Some examples of healthy foods are breads, vegetables and fruits like berries, pears and apples, etc. They drank milk, gruels, and possets. All these foods they ate are healthy because they all go in the food groups.
Foods and Drinks Today
Foods today are slightly similar to the foods nobles ate. Some examples of foods we eat now are breads, salads, pizza, cheese, hotdogs, and burgers. Examples of what we drink today include milk, coffee, tea, and juice. There are some cultural foods today unlike in the medieval times. Some people today drink wine, just like some nobles. The people in the medieval times thought that drinking plain water was unhealthy and water with alcohol was healthier. Also, today some foods are served in restaurants, not always at home. Foods and drinks today aren't that different than the foods and drinks nobles had.
Noble Foods
Back in the 1300's meals were small and sometimes not enough. They didn't have macaroni and cheese where they could mix ingredients. Some of the food they ate were single foods, like just an apple or plain bread. Only some foods were mixed like salads and soups. Some meals would have only about 2-3 things to eat. Some examples of noble foods are soup, bread, and other things.
Single Foods
Similarities/Differences between us and the Nobles
• Healthy foods
• Bread
• Salads
• Meat
• Milk
Mixed Foods
Foods and Drinks
We both eat/drink:
The Nobles ate that we don't eat:
Roast Peacock
Cooked Birds
Barsanti Sonata
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