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Sylvie Francois

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Ballet

Dance I hope you enjoyed this presentation! Origination Started during the Italian Renaissance as court ballet.In the late 1400s it was adopted into concert dances in France and Russia. Bet you didn't know This? By:Sylvie W.
Francois 1.Ballet dancers are more fit than football players.

2.A tutu requires of 60-90 hours of work.

3.Male dancers can lift up to 1-1/2 tons of worth of ballerinas. Pro football players train ballet. First recorded dance was in the ancient civilizations of the Middle east and India. King Louis XIV established a dance school in 1661.One of the "fathers" of ballet was Louis "superintendent of ballet".His name was Beauchamps. Now known as the Paris Opera. 3. Contemporary 2. Neoclassical 4. Modern 1. Classical Styles of Ballet Why I love dancing....... Its FUN! * Also I feel free on stage and its just my Passion! P.S. THANK YOU KELLY FOR HELPING ME! Ballet
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