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Optic Nerve

Science Project

Amallan Jeya

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Optic Nerve

The Optic Nerve A dictionary definition for
The 0ptic Nerve
It carries visual information from the eye to the brain
The light receptors in your eye transforms light into impulses then all the informations will go to your brain then produces images in your brain

What does the Optic Nerve do? Also known as Cranial Nerve II
Optic Nerve are made by the innermost layer of ganglion cells
The Optic Nerve is connected to the Prestriate Cortex, Striate Cortex and Temporal Lobe Vision Area
Either of the second pair of cranial
nerves that pass from the retina to the
optic chiasma and conduct visual
stimuli to the brain MORE FACTS! There are about 1.1 million cells in each Optic Nerve
It is more like a brain tissue than it is nerve tissue
A SMALL CLIP A DIAGRAM OF THE EYE BALL By: Amallan Jeyaganth Thank You
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