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Chapter 3 Intercultural Communication

No description

Omar Medina Valdes

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
Location 3
Advantages & challenges of workforce diversity
Successful nonverbal communication in intercultural environments
Nonverbal skills
eye contact
Facial expression
time, space & Territory

Western vs Eastern cultures
For Western cultures silence can be perceive negative. It suggests rejections, unhappiness, depression, and regret.
Japanese admire silence and considered it a key to success
Techniques for achieving intercultural competence
Successful oral communication in intercultural environment
Learn foreign phrases
Use simple English
Observe eye messages
Check frequently for comprehension
Accept blame
Smile when appropriate
Speak slowly and enunciate clearly
Encourage accurate feedback
Listen without interrupting
Follow up in writing
Effective written messages to intercultural audiences
Consider Local styles
Use short sentence and short paragraphs
Strive for clarity
Cite numbers carefully
Accommodate the reader in organization, tone, and style
Observe titles and ranks
Avoid ambiguous Expressions
Use correct grammar
An Intercultural E-mail message that misses the mark
Address receiver with correct first name and last name sequence
Arrange questions logically in bulleted list
Use simple language and formal tone; expresses dates clearly
Ethics across cultures
Business practices abroad
Ethical codes
Child labor abuse
Environmental treatment
unscrupulous business practices
Laws forbidding bribery
Making ethical decisions across borders
Broaden your view
Find alternatives
Embrace transparency
Don't rationalize shady Decisions
Avoid reflex judgment
Refuse business if options violate your basic values
Five question test for intercultural ethical dilemma
1) Is the action you are considering legal?
2) How would you see the problem if you were in the opposite side?
3) What are alternate solutions?
4) Can you discuss the problem with someone whose advise you trust?
5) How would you feel if your family, or coworker learned of your action?
Foreign Corrupt practice act of 1977
U.S. government passed this law that prohibits payments to foreign officials for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business.
- But it only applies to U.S. companies
Bribery is business expense
Until 1999 German corporations were even allowed to deduct bribes as a business expense as long as they got receipts.
(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
Many of the worlds industrialized countries formally agreed in 1999 to a new global treaty promoted by OECD.
This treaty bans bribery of foreign officials.
Bribery is illegal almost every where in the world.
Dividends of diversity
Consumer; a diverse staff is better able to read trends and respond to the increasingly diverse customer base in local and world markets.
Work teams; Companies need a diverse workforce in order to understand the needs and wants of diverse markets. "Two minds are better than one"
Tips for improving communication among diverse work audiences
Seek training
Understand the value of differences
Don't expect conformity
Learn about your cultural self
Make fewer assumptions
Build on similarities
Market globalization
Intercultural workforce
Communication Style
Time Orientation
What is culture?
Avoid Ethnocentrism
Why are intercultural
skills important?
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