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Mechanical Engineer

No description

Nyle Dharani

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer 1) 2) Budgeting Short Term Goal
Vacation Saving: $1000 per month
for 12 months Middel Term Goal
Lamborghini Gallardo Saving: $100,000 per year
for 4 years Longterm Goal
Investing in Stocks Saving: 250,000 per year
for 9 years Rainy Day Savings Saving: $50,000 a year Liesure 6:00 am Wake up 7:00 am Go to work 7:15 am Start my job 11:30 am Go to gym 12:00 pm Have lunch 12:30 pm Start my job. 4:30 pm Leave work 4:50 pm Get home 5:00 pm Have dinner 5:30 pm Check bills, email, stocks 6:30 pm Hang out with freinds What it looks like? High Five/QISDL Change Is Constant Follow Your Heart Learning Is On Going Limit What Do I Do Using Tool Looking at designes Education and Skills High School Diploma
_ _ Bachelors _ Register for P.eng _ Math and Science Skill _ Spatial Sense _ Hands On Skills
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