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on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Water

Water, an important resource
"A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms".Water is an important resource and we use it in are everyday life's.Water produces hydro power and it is renewable.But most people don't get clean water.A human can live without food but not water,we need water for everyday even if we are not drinking it,we still use water for hydro power to produce electricity.Bottle water comes from the sewer where it goes through a cycle.First,it starts out as the stuff from the toilets(#1 and #2) and it goes through the primary treatment where all the rocks,soil,etc. are separated out and what ever is left out is called sludge.Then,the sludge and waste water is mixed with air this is called the secondary treatment.Lastly is the tertiary treatment where the sludge is cleaned with chemicals and then it finally turns to water,when it can be bottled.Tap water and the other water that runs in our houses comes from lakes,rivers,oceans or underground springs.The water is treated on,filtered and applied with chemicals until the water is drinkable.
What are some ways other countries help to save water?
Is water just as important as other resources?
How would someone live without water on a daily basis?
There are many countries that help to save water.Many countries help to save water but every single country has its own methods saving water.For example in Russia in some (very few,) houses the rain water is used to clear the toilet and/or saved to water the plants in the garden.
Water is just as important as the other resources.We need water just as much as we need other resources.Water is just as important as the other resources because water has all the attributes of other resources,it is a renewable and natural resource,it has the same amount of importance as the other resources.Canadians overwhelmingly choose water as our most important natural resource.
The average human can live without water for a week.But,it also depends on the weather conditions, your level of body fat and your general health status."Being in hot climates, being obese or sick can reduce the amount of time you can survive without water".Maybe a human could live longer if they drank their own Ukraine but it could affect their health.But,in the end you can't really live without water on a daily basis.
Effects on the Environment
Water Affects Us
This graph shows how much liters of water that are treated by year.In the graph it shows that every year more and more water is treated on as the years go by.In 2002 the liters of water treated on were 2,000,000,000 and as the years went by more water was treated on.In 2009 the amount of water treated on in liters was about more than 16,000,000,000.You can see that the amount of water treated on has increased as the years went by,it is probably because as the years went by the population increased and more and more people wasted water.So the amount of water treated on had to increase for more people to drink water or there was just more stuff in the sewer.This graph shows that as more and more the population grew and the more people wasted water,more water was treated on.
The water being treated can have negative effects and positive effects."If waste water is not properly treated, then the environment and human health can be negatively impacted. These impacts can include harm to fish and wildlife populations, oxygen depletion, beach closures and other restrictions on recreational water use, restrictions on fish and shellfish harvesting and contamination of drinking water".If waste water is not treated properly then people will get diseases from the polluted water that has bacteria and chemicals in it and will soon die.But,the positive effect is that if the waste water is treated on properly then there could be a limitless amount of water maybe.Clean water is important to plants and animals that live in water.The benefits are pollution prevention,water savings,energy savings,re-use of blow down water for grey water applications,reduced carbon footprint,and reduced operating expenses.There are many positive and negative effects and the amount of effects for negative and positive is about balanced.
The Water Cycle
The Water Treatment Process

Water,a helpful Resource
Some ways that water helps us are:
Fast moving water powers water mills which creates hydro powered electricity
We need water to survive
It is an important resource
Makes plants grow
Good for our bodies
Our 70 to 80 percent of body is made from water.
Water is helpful for most of our internal function to work properly.
We use water in bathing,drinking,cooking etc(in our day to day life).
All living things need water,
Water helps control the temperature of the earth,
Water plays a major part in controlling our weather,
Water keeps us clean
Water is life
Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms – solid, liquid and gas.
About 70% of the earth is covered in water.
Once evaporated, a water molecule spends about 10 days in the air.
Many of the lakes on the Canadian Shield, including those of the Great Lakes, were created by glacial erosion.
Freshwater lakes and rivers, ice and snow, and underground aquifers hold only 2.5% of the world's water. By comparison, saltwater oceans and seas contain 97.5% of the world's water supply.
68.9% of the earth's fresh water exists in the form of glaciers and permanent snow cover.
Of the total world's freshwater supply, 30.8% is groundwater, including soil moisture, swamp water and permafrost.
Annually, Canada's rivers discharge 7% of the world's renewable water supply – 105 000 cubic meters per second.
Almost 9%, or 891 163 square kilometers, of Canada's total area is covered by fresh water.
Glacier ice over 100 000 years old is found at the base of many Canadian Arctic ice caps.
In Canada, an estimated area of 200 000 square kilometers, or about 2% of the country's area is covered by glaciers and ice fields.
Canada has about 25% of the world's wetlands – the largest wetland area in the world.
Wetlands totaling an area of more than 1.2 million square kilometers cover about 14%
Preserving Water
There are many ways of preserving water.Some common ways of preserving water are taking shorter showers,install a water meter,and save tap water.People think that these are some good ways of preserving water,they are,but they are not good enough.These are just some common household ways to preserve water,some times people save water but its not like their saving it everyday.If everyone on earth saved water everyday,imagine how much water would be saved and reused.People say they will save water,but no one really does.Imagine if all the water was wasted and there was no more left.Some ways we could save water for future generations are capturing rain and saving it,taking a small lake and draining the water to keep for the future,or we could take left over water from the world and clean it.We could also find a way for making water amounts double the amounts they already are,Theses are not the best ways to preserve water for future generations,but they are better than taking shorter showers. We don't really know how much water is worth to us until its gone.
There are many ways water affects us and our planet.Water affects the environment,without water plants,trees,fruits and anything that grows with water would not live.Plants need water to live,or they will die and that would affects us since we eat vegetables and fruits,which need water to grow.It would affect weather too,because clouds are made of water,and if there were no clouds it would not rain or snow,no rain no crops.It would also affect us since 70-80% of our body is water so it is essential to us and it keeps us clean.Animals need water too because it is essential to them like us.In every way we need water and it affects us and everything around it.Have you ever seen a place where there is no water and then no sign of life?Water is considered as life and it is true,without water no sign of life will live.Us and our planet depend on water for life.
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