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Savanah Nguyen

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Belize

Belize's capital city is Belmopan, located in the
Before Belmopan was the capital, Belize City was the country's capital. The government
moved to Belmopan in 1970.
The reason behind the change of city was the hurricane of 1961, Hurricane Hattie, that destroyed 75% of Belize City. Belize's capital Map and Geography Belize has an area of 8,866 square miles.
The highest point of Belize is called Doyle's Delight, at the height of 3,688 feet.
The largest river in Belize is the Belize River, which runs for 290 kilometers.
Belize is also famous for the
Great Blue Hole off its coast. It started as
a limestone cave and, as waters rised, the
roof of the cave collapsed.
Belize also holds Big Rock Falls, a water fall that is 150 feet.
Major cities are: Dangrigan, Punta Gorda, Orange Walk, Corozal, San Ignacio de Agana Flag of Belize The flag of Belize is a white circle and inside is the coat of arms, surrounded 50 leaves on a vine. The rest of the flag is blue with red strips on the top and bottom.
The coat of arms represents the logging industry that led to British settling there.
The white circle would at times remain white as it had been too complex to draw.
The motto is written at the bottom of the coat of arms.
The blue and white represent the People's United Party.
The red stripes represent independence. The 50 leaves represent the year 1950, when the People's United Party came to power.
This is the only flag to have people on it. The National Assembly Building was
designed to look like a Pre-Comlumbian
Maya temple.
The origin of the name Belize is not yet
concluded, although there has been some
theories such as the name could've came
from the Mayan word Be'lix, which means
"muddy water".
Belize's motto is "Sub Umbra Floreo" which means "Under the Shade I Flourish".
Belize has a literacy rate of 93%.
Belize is a very good place for shark watching.
Off the coast of the mainland of Belize, there is about 200 Belizean islands.
In Belize, culturally, it is impolite to greet a new person with their first name for the first time meeting them.
In Belize, there is no McDonald's, Wal-mart, Starbuck's or shopping malls.
Belize Miscellaneous Facts Population Belize, formally British Honduras,
is a country in Central America. Belize has a population of 307,899 as of July 2009.
The growth rate is 2.154%.
The ethnic groups are: Mestizo 48.7%; Creole 24.9%; Maya 10.6%; Garifuna 6.1%; 9.7% other. Language The official language of Belize is English,
the only Central American country to have this as the official language.
Other languages are Spanish, Kriole, Plautdietsch, Mayan (Kekchi, Mopan, Yucatec), Garifuna, Chinese, Hindi, and German, according to the 2000 Census.
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