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Teenage Life in Elizabethan England

A slideshow about the life of a teenager in elizabethan england

Jamie Scherschel

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Teenage Life in Elizabethan England

By Jamie Scherschel
and Sarah Roddey Teenage Life "Teenage Years" School Lower class boys went to public schools to learn:
Upper class boys were privately tutored. Work Boys take a 7-year apprenticeship:
•Farm Laborer
•Tradesman Adult/Child expectations Child Adult •Considered "Men/Women" •Men take jobs •Women become mothers
and housewives •Upper class attend parties •Considered "Boy/Girl" •Boys take apprenticeships •Girls are trained by mothers to become housewives. •Expected to take care of family •Drink alcohol as a main beverage Girls were tutored at home by their mothers on the skills needed to be a good wife but they also learned reading and arithmetic. Girls help with housework. Women had to:
•Raise children
•Cook meals
•Maintain household Men mostly worked in trade. Marriages Girls could be married off as early as 12. Boys had to wait until after their 7 year apprenticeship, when they are 19 years old. An upper class man would be able to choose whoever they wanted as a wife. Activities Upper Class Men:
•Did Bear-bating and other "blood sports"
•Attended parties and festivals
•Went Hawking
• Enjoyed Theater Lower Class Men:
•Played football
•Bet on cockfights and bull-bating
•played BOWL
•Sang and danced Women usually didn't partake in normal sports; they watched. In conclusion... Work Cited: In Elizabethan England, there was no such thing as a well defined "Teenager". You were either an adult or a child... the transition between childhood and adult hood was a quick and rough turn around. Nothing like what we have today. (Tomecek) (Tomecek) (Elizabethan England life) (Elizabethan Sports) (Elizabethan England Life) (The Lost Colony) (Secara) (Tomecek) (Children) (Preparing) (Roz) (Elizabethan Football) (HorizontalBirds) (Schooboy-sm) (MenCostumes) (WomenCostumes) (Marriage) (Secara) (Mahabal) (Mahabal) (Secara) (Secara) (Tomecek) (Mahabal) (Secara) Children. Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Puritans. Web. 24 Apr. 2013.


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