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Digestive System(How does junk foods affects your digestive system?)

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Kiana Claire Dabay

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Digestive System(How does junk foods affects your digestive system?)

Digestive System by Katoya Brown, Kiana Dabay, and Aleka Sobredo Alimentary Canal Digestive System The organs in the Digestive System could be grouped into: 1. Alimentary Canal
2. Accessory Organs >The Alimentary Canal digest foods and absorbs the
fragments through the lining in the blood. >The Accessory Organs/Accessory Digestive Organs produces saliva, bile and enzymes. Accessory Organs/Accessory Digestive Organs Organs include: -Mouth
-Small Intestine
-Large Intestine
-Anus Organs include: -Teeth
-Salivary Glands
-Pancreas How does junk foods affects the digestive system? Junk Foods Junk Foods is an example of unhealthy diet.
-It has a high proportion of carbohydrates, salt,
sugar, fats, and low nutritional value. -It can lead to a lot of health concerns which includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac disease, obesity, and diabetes. Junk foods are processed foods, which means it lose
most of the significant nutrients.

-Have low fiber and poor water content. Junk foods are bad and unhealthy for the digestive system. -It slows down the digestion of the foods, which makes the stomach swollen. -In order to digest the digestive system needs enzymes, but fast foods don't have any enzymes. -When the food is absorbed by the intestine which requires fiber and water to separate. However, they don't have enough nutrients which can lead to a poor digestion and irritable bowels(LBM). Survey *We survey 25 people Bibliography: Web Sites:
Health Me Up. HealthMeUp. March 7th, 2012. Healthy Living. May 6, 2013 http://healthmeup.com/news-healthy-living/how-junk-food-affects-our-digestion/11426
Mercola. Dr. Mercola. January 6, 2011. Dr. Mercola. May 6, 2013http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/01/06/what-you-need-to-understand-about-your-digestive-system-to-improve-your-health.aspx Number of junk foods and number of how many times they go to the bathroom. Ages
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