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Elements of a Tragedy and Tragic Hero in Things Fall Apart

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Nick O'Connell

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Elements of a Tragedy and Tragic Hero in Things Fall Apart

Elements of a Tragedy and a Tragic Hero What is Tragedy? Write down one paragraph (at least five sentences) on whether or not you believe this story to be a tragedy, and whether or not you consider Okonkwo to be a tragic hero. Think about what makes a tragedy and a tragic hero, and whether or not you think Things Fall Apart and Okonkwo apply. On a piece of paper... Tragedies contain certain elements in them:
Reversal of fortune for the main character(s)
Actions turn out disastrously for the main character(s)
The main character(s) and sometimes other involved characters and/or innocent bystanders are destroyed What makes a Tragic Hero? Usually, a Tragic Hero contains these characteristics:
Of noble birth or superior social status
A fatal flaw in their character that leads to their downfall.
The audience feels pity and/or fear for the character
Pity because the audience feels bad for them
Fear because the problems faced by the character are universal and can apply to anyone Examples of Tragedies Romeo & Juliet
The Odyssey has many tragic elements in it
Star Wars: Episode Three is a modern Sci-fi Tragedy
The Batman series contains many tragic elements Famous Tragic Heroes Some Tragic Heroes and their fatal flaw:
Romeo: impulsiveness
Odysseus: arrogance
Darth Vader: misguided love that turns into a desire for power
Bruce Wayne/Batman: revenge Is there a reversal of fortune for the main character, Okonkwo?
What innocent characters have been "destroyed" in Things Fall Apart? Which, if any, of these characteristics does Okonkwo exhibit?
Think about Okonkwo's main motivation. Does it define him as a tragic hero?
Do you feel pity for Okonkwo? Fear? Can you think of any books, movies, or television shows that you think are tragedies? Why? Can you think of any other books, movies, shows, etc. that have tragic heroes in them? If so, what is their fatal flaw, and why do you think so?
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