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Collective Nouns with Subject-Verb Agreement

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Brielle Comardelle

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Collective Nouns with Subject-Verb Agreement

Collective Nouns Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Collective Nouns-
name of a number
(or collection) of people
or things taken together
and spoken of as one whole The cheerleading squad cheers at the football games. Let's Review! Now you know all about collective nouns with subject-verb agreement! Collective Nouns
with Subject-Verb Agreement By: Brielle
and Anna Katherine Here are some examples of
collective nouns: Collective Nouns
with Subject-Verb Agreement Now that you know what
collective nouns are, you will now learn the subject-verb
agreement. The football team is playing the last game of the season tonight Team is the collective noun. The band practice
their own instruments
for an hour. Band is the
collective noun. The school of fish swam together in unison to the coral reef. School is the collective noun. It is singular because the squad is together at the football game cheering in unison. Group School Flock Band Team Herd The choir are warming up their voices for their solos for the choir concert tonight. It is plural because the choir are warming up their individual voices. A collective noun is a group of people or things (herd, band, team, etc.) The collective noun is singular when the group is all agreeing on the same thing or doing the same thing together. What are collective nouns?
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