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Student Teaching Artifacts

No description

Chase Brackemyer

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Student Teaching Artifacts

Student Teaching Artifacts
Chase Brackemyer
My Teaching Philosophy
This prezi will show example of me following my personal teaching philosophy which has the following components:
Student-Centered Learning
Scientific Community
Inquiry-Based Teaching
Use of Technology
I have also included one more aspect which I hadn't thought of originally, but I now see as essential.
Some artifacts may appear twice because they could be put in either category.
Student- Centered Learning
Inquiry-Based Teaching
Scientific Community
Student Growth
Here is a picture of two student leaders taking charge and helping the class through a discussion which concluded in identifying the bulk properties of ionic and covalent compounds.
Here is data student collected. The students then presented to each other concerning each of the 7 parts. After which, a discussion was had which led the Law of Conservation of Mass
Although this is one picture, it shows what I worked towards all semester. Having the students slowly take charge of their education, work together, and lead each other to conclusions.
This picture shows me helping students work through an inquiry lab about bulk properties of ionic and covalent compounds.
Here is the rubric for the first inquiry based lab that the students worked through during the first unit.
Lab report from one of the inquiry labs. This group did an excellent job of writing procedures, collecting/organizing data, and reaching a conclusion.
Here are a few snapshots of the many pieces of technology used in the classroom.
-Student Assessment
pHet online Simulations
-Concept intro/reinforcement
-Formative assessment tool
Google Doc/Drive
-Used to compile class data and write group lab reports
As the semester progressed, I worked hard to help the students perform better. Here are a few things I used.
I gave the students the learning targets for the unit and asked them to assess their own understanding. I also provided a "target date" by which they should asses their understanding.
Learning Targets
These quiz forms were used so the students could get immediate feedback. The quizzes were only given after the target dates listed with the learning targets. The students would write down the question topic and if they got it right to help them see what they understand and what they don't.
Gradecam Quizzes
I taught the students how to use this note template to take effective notes during lectures.
Cornell Notes
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