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Mohamed Neamatalla AAS 2016 Presentation


Naiyyer Media

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Mohamed Neamatalla AAS 2016 Presentation

Do & Don’t
Six Figures A Year Without Having A Website!
Cost Reduction
Revenue Optimization
Required Skills:
What will you get from this session?
CPM (Revenue per mille)
CPC ( Cost Per Click )
EPL ( Earning per Link )
CTA ( Call to Action )
CTR (Click-through rate )
RPM ( Revenue per mille )
 Negotiation
 Historical Data
 Influent English
 Deep Constant Analysis
 Microsoft Excel
 BuzzSumo
 Google Analytics
 Insights
 FB Karma
Q1: What is the difference between Adsense & Partners?
 More Traffic = Higher RPM.
 Better Reach (Domain Authority with Social Networks).
 Better Placements.
 Better User Experience.
 Multiple Ad Sizes with Higher RPM.
 More Advertisers / Higher Bids / Multiple Products ( Adsense is a single product )
 More Profit (Revenue Share or better Results for the same traffic) .
 Premium Features. ( 150% Earning / Exclusive Content / Early Access to Trending Stories .etc )
 Faster Payments / Net0 Net15 Net 30 Net 45 ( Wire Transfers / PayPal / Payoneer )
 No Disabled Accounts.
 No Need to create content at all. Save copywriters money and use it on expanding your assets, Focus on better Reach/ Engagement.
 Dedicated Account Manager with daily report of the top trending/ most viral content, no need to search by you.
 Shortage of available content – sometimes, you can avoid it by using different partners at the same time.
 You are sending your traffic to others.

This will be your best shortcut to Earn Money with less effort; you can later combine all what you’ve learned to apply it in your own website.
 Your Traffic Quality.
 Mutual benefit! You are offering traffic they are offering content and ads.
Q3. How it works? The Process
 How to find a network! (Tracing Competitors UTMs then titles then tracking networks they use.
( Ex Shared.net ) )
Revenue Share Modules:
Fixed RPM ($7 & up) / Percentage.
 How to get a deal
Use FB Karma & Buzzsumo to get a clue about the partner reach / types of posts / engagement level / availability.
How to pick the best networks based on a test?
improving Conversion : Testing Different CTA / Titles /Link Photos / Picking Timing / Posting Frequency / Engagement Ads )
Set your monthly target Using FB Karma and Excel Analysis.
 Remove unwanted links based on users feedback and CTR / reach
 Use an Official Email to start dealing with partners.
 Connect your pages call to action button to a submission form to receive partner’s offers.
 Track Users Feedback for each Partner Content (Read Comments /Respond /Monitor Reports).
 Get 1 week of testing each partner deal then refine based on results.
 Use FB Karma & Buzzsumo to pick the best performing links and measure networks
performance with other pages before starting.
 Use your Demographic in your proposal.
 Separate Traffic Sources by UTMs to know which traffic source converts better.
 Target Top Countries only for better rpm .Neglect Low Converted Traffic for a higher rpm.
 Keep optimizing your Overall CTR and each network CTR Separately.
 Do not SPAM! Keep an eye on Posting Frequency to avoid spamming issues (following other competitors frequency using FB karma) .
 Do Not Reveal your current deals with new Partner until you hear his offer.
 Do NOT Click Bait.
 Use FB Karma & Buzzsumo to pick the best performing links and measure networks performance with other pages before starting.
 Work as a team it’s not a one man job.
 Keep an eye on Facebook algorithm updates & community standards.
 Seek for High Fixed RPM.
 This is not for Cheap Traffic .Arabic Traffic is limited.
Anyone who has a traffic source can email me for more details and I will introduce him to some networks based on the traffic type.
Mohamed Neamatalla
Mohamed Neamatalla


Q2. Why they will agree to work with you?
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