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Immerss [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Immerss [Shared]

What is Immerss?
Immerss is a virtual marketplace for
live presentations that connects
Talent with the Audience.
Our missions is to provide a turnkey solution
for any person to monetize on their talent,
and providing consumer with a better access to the world’s talent at affordable price.
Untapped and underutilized talent is all around us
World’s Talent is Immerss’ Presenter
Problem / Opportunity
No unified platform to discover, buy and experience a variety of live content
Geographical limitations for talent and audience to connect
Lack of a commercialized platform for interactive group environment
Low monetization potential for people with talent
High price point for live interaction with the talent
We created a horizontal and scalable platform that connects
Talent to the Audience in an immersive video environment
Live and recorded content can be easily found
Market driven pricing motivates competitive rates
All-in-One solution
Any talent can get monetized
Cross-vertical marketing model
Revenue Source
Immersive Session – Virtual room with fully interactive session via bi-directional video/audio between all participants
Livecast Session – Webcast of the live session

Video on-Demand – Selling videos of previously recorded live sessions
Virtual get-together (flat-fee pricing model)
Advertising of the premium space on homepage
Product placement
Other Potential Sources

Business Model
We attract Talent to our platform
Talent sets up content and pricing
Talent commits and schedules a session
We market session to a global audience
We retain 15-30% and distribute the rest
No barriers. No upfront or monthly fees.
The magic
You bring the talent, we do the rest
Ease of Setup
We created an immersive environment for users to feel like they are in the same place with the Presenter – seeing, hearing and interacting with each other clearly, while providing the tools for control.
Username: demo.presenter1@gmail.com
Password: demoimmerss
Client Acquisition Strategy
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Identify talent-owners with high-following and convert them into Immerss Presenters
Use presenter’s Immerss profile landing page to enroll users and sell services
Promote live sessions through presenter’s social media channels
Promote live sessions via live-guide
Apply available digital marketing approaches (CM, SEO, CRO, SMM)
Interest groups
Accreditation agencies
Market Size and Validation
Comfort level with online, interactive and collaborative
style of communication is evolving quickly
Monetization potential for Presenters
Financial Projections
Arthur Veytsman
Entrepreneur Generalist

Alex Wilner
16 years history of success in start-ups.
Founded and co-founded 6 companies.
14 years of development experience.
Large system architecture, system design, project and team management
Ruby and Java
Video tech
Big data architecture
Advisory Board

Key Positions to Fill

Digital Marketing
Sales &Ops
Achieved Milestones (Sep-13 / Dec-14)
For more information please contact
Arthur Veytsman

Thank you!
Technology Team
Cloud Infrastructure and rapid deployment
Front-end development
QA and automatic testing
Jonas Levy
Finance Wizard
11 years of financial services experience, and avid investor.
Who is “Talent”? - any person with a talent, skill or expertise and the ability to attract an audience in Educational, Lifestyle/Instructional or Performance spaces.
We are creating the new utilization model for Talent" at the end
Competitive Advantages
Revenue and Presenters
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