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Transformations in Real Life

No description

Sam Musso

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Transformations in Real Life

Transformations in Real Life
Yes, math does have a purpose and can be found in the real word! Transformations in particular can be seen in everything, even in some things that you don't realize. Transformations are functions that take points in a plane as inputs and gives other points as outputs, including translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation.
Rigid Motions
Rigid motions are transformations that change an objects location with altering its shape or size.
Rigid motions included
(flips), and
(turn) as they all preserve side length and shape. Rigid motions DO NOT included dilation, as dilation is when you alter the size of a shape.
Dilation is a type of transformation that produces an image that is the same shape as the original, but is a different size, stretching or shrinking the original figure.

Translation is a transformation that slides an image without altering its shape or size.
Transformations in Real Life By SAM musso 1b
Stadium Style Seats
In Lockers
In Floor Tiles
Even in Nature in the Leaves
Reflections are transformations that "flip" an image over a given line (line of reflection).
Bagels vs Mini Bagels
In Animals
In buildings
Even Rings
In Bike Wheels
In Umbrellas
In Snowflakes
And in Ceiling Fans
Rotations are transformations that "turn" a figure around a fixed point.
In Mirrors
In Water with Mountains
In Buildings
Even in Faces
As you can see, transformations can be found in everything, not just in a math class that you find stupid and pointless. Look around and see what you can find!
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