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PLS 102 Professor Whitt Kilburn Fall 2012

Benjamin Soltis

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Drones

Party! Drone Uses Drones What they are
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Who uses them
Dept. of Defense and CIA
Types of Drones
Armed & Surveillance
Drones in recent news
Iran, Israel, etc.
Why you should care
Constitutional? Where in the Constitution?
Articles? Amendments?
Definition of Democracy
Citizens have say in Drone Strikes?
Killing vs. Taking Hostages Fighting the War on Terror Drone Strikes Presidential Administrations
Bush & Obama
Types of Strikes
Civilians, Militants, etc.
Use in other countries
Yemen, Pakistan, etc.
Authority to Use Drones
AUMF & Article 51 Using Drones instead of Soldiers?
Star Trek: A Taste of Armageddon
Effectiveness as Technology Advances
War on Terror Really a War?
Costs of Drones
Defense Budget? Constitutionality Democratic?
Fighting War on Terror? Questions, Comments, Concerns, Conspiracies? END PRESENTATION But wait...there's more- This Video is dedicated to our great Political Science Class we've had this Semester.
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