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Plot Diagram

No description

Karen Baxley

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram

Background information to the audience about the plot, characters, history, setting and theme.
In the three little pigs the exposition would be that the three little pigs' mother wanted them to go out and make their own lives for themselves. She packs them a lunch and sends them on their way.
Rising Action
A related series of incidents in a literary plot that builds toward the point of greatest interest.
The first little pig is lazy and likes to play so he takes the easy way out and builds a house of straw that the wolf has no problem blowing down. This little pig flees for his life.
Inciting Incident
The mother warns the three little pigs to beware of the big bad wolf. This warning predicts the "
" in the story which is between the big bad wolf and the three little pigs.
The second little pig also likes to play and quickly builds his house of sticks. The wolf has no problem blowing his house down and the little pig must flee to his brother's house.
The third little pig refused to play with his brothers until he built a sturdy home out of bricks. When the wolf came to blow his house down, he could not.
The climax marks the turning point, which signals a change for the better or worse in the protagonist's affairs.
In the three little pigs, the climax occurs when the wolf becomes frustrated and tries to climb down the chimney.
Falling Action
The point in the story when the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist unravels.
The falling action is when the wolf lands in the soup or the fire and gets burned.
Resolution is the the end of the story. This is where any loose ends would be tied up.
The final conclusion is when the wolf runs away into the woods and never bothers the three little pigs again.
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