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margaret nguyen

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of MEDIA

Asian American Men in Film
Asian American Women in Film
Ken Jeong
Kal Penn
Aziz Ansari
John Cho
Masi Oka
Steven Yeun
Daniel Dae Kim
Maggie Q
Mindy Kaling
Jamie Chung
Brenda Song
Lucy Liu
Sandra Oh
Male Roles
Common Asian American Roles
Female Roles
Martial Art Masters
Asian Americans
in the Media
Lack of leading roles in Film and Television
Scarcity of presence in News Media
Lack of presence in mainstream music industry
- Presence of multiracial Asian Americans in each
Many multiracial Asian Americans
Racially Ambiguous
Asian Americans in Music Industry
Nicki Minaj
Nicole Sherzinger
Lack of those who "look Asian"
Perpetuate image of geek, nerd, foreigner
Clashes with "cool factor"
Asian Americans in Music Industry
Paul Kim - American Idol 2004
Praised for range, tonal quality, and overall talent
"If it weren't for me being Asian, I would've been signed yesterday."
Independent Asian American Artist movement
Release music locally and online
Play shows in small clubs
Start their own labels
Kev Nish
DJ Virman
Korea Town, Los Angeles
"Like a G6" first #1 hit achieved by Asian Amerians
"We get tons of Tweets and Facebook messages from our teenage fans, who tell us that they live that life too,' Kev Nish says. "We're in clubs with people popping bottles and we thought, 'let's make a song for everybody, no matter the age, no matter the race, no matter the sex, no matter the preference, just people who live that life.
Jonathan Park
27 years old
Los Angeles
Project Blowed
Nora Lum
24 years old
New York
“The Asian stereotype is real. The whole guilt trip, like we came on a dinghy from Hong Kong to give you a better life, we work at a friggin’ sock store, and we want you to become a doctor so you can take care of us for the rest of your life.
Jennifer Lee
Los Angeles
Korean American
Alex Hwang
Daniel Chae
Jennifer Rim
Joseph Chun
John Chong
Sally Kang
Chazwick Bradley Bundick
Columbia, South Carolina
Chill Wave
26 years old
Evolution of Asian Americans Portrayal in Films
Akira Kurosawa
- Academy Honorary Award directed: The Seven Samurai, Ran, Rashomon, Yo Jimbo
- Won an Oscar for Ran
- A lot of American Films are based off of his Films
- Recurring themes in Kirosawa's movies: The master-disciplerelationship, the heroic champion, nature & weather, and cycles of violence.
- Many celebrated directors have been influenced by him and express admiration for his work.
Ang Lee
Oscar Winning Director: Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain, The Hulk, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Common themes that are show in Lee's films are alienation, marginalization, and repression.
His Films also focus on the interactions between modernity and tradition.
Oscar winning director for animated features: Howls Moving Castle, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke
One of the most famous Anime directors of all time.
Miyazaki's works are characterized by the recurrence of progressive themes, such as environmentalism, pacifism, feminism, and the absence of villains. His films are also frequently concerned with childhood transition and a marked preoccupation with flight. Miyazaki's films also emphasize environmentalism and the Earth's fragility.
M Night Shyamalan
Hayao Miyazaki
Oscar Nominated Director: The Sixth Sense, The Village, The Last Air Bender, and Lady in the Water.
Known for light horror/thrillers
Actors under the radar who are activists and public figures outside the media
George Takei
Kal Penn
Ken Watanabe
Known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original star Trek Series and movies. Also an activist for marriage equality spokes person for the human rights campaign “the coming out project”
Known for appearances in House, How I Met Your Mother, and most famously Harold and Kumar. Also worked for the obama administration in 2009 as associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.
Known for his roles in The Last Samurai, Inception, and Memoirs of a Geisha. Also an activist and fundraiser for cancer research. Also launched a campaign to help raise money for victims of the tsunami in japan in 2011.
Apolo Ohno
14 time Olympic Gold medalist Speed Skater
Ichiro Suzuki
American League Rookie of the year in 2001, 10 time All star and gold glove winner. Holds the record for most hits in a single season (262)
Hines Ward
Super Bowl MVP & two time Super Bowl Champion
Michelle Wie
Youngest player to Qualify for a US golf association amateur championship and one of the highest ranked women golfers in the sport.
Made History
The first API to play Basketball in America professionally. He was drafted by the New York Knicks in 1947 in the BAA (basketball association of america). Played one season with the Knicks and left after one season to become an engineer in Utah.
Wataru Misaka
The first API to play Baseball in America professionally. He played for the San Francisco Giants from 1964 to 1965. Returned to the Japanese league after conflict between his former japanese team and the Giants.
Masanori Murakami
Was the first API to play Football in America on a professional level. He was also a multi sport athlete. He played for the San Francisco 49ers in 1947 for one season. He also played baseball in the Japanese professional leagues for 12 years.
Wally Yonamine
Vietnamese Entertainment
Little Saigon TV 57.7
First appeared in 1990 on KSCI Channel 18
2009 develop the 24 hours programming
2010 expanded to US nationwide and extended viewing to Canada
Mission: To Provide programs that reflect on traditions, values, and the success of Vietnamese-Americans.
Saigon TV 57.5
Established in 2005
Location in Westminster, CA
Became the most popular of the Vietnamese-American channels
Current Events
Community & Special Events
New & Creative Shows
Vietface TV 57.2
Known as the leaders in the Vietnamese industry in term of musical entertainment.
Introduction to strategy
Established in 2011
A domestic-broadcasting business operated by Thuy Nga Entertainment
Several divisions: News, Entertainment, Talk shows, Documentaries, Reality & community programming.
Brand Missions
Talented, passionate, inspiration
dynamic, energetic
socially active
Thúy Nga Entertaiment
Thúy Nga Production is by far the land most successful company
It organises major live shows in the US and France
President and owner of Thúy Nga is Tô Vn Lai
Thúy Nga started in the France. It moved to US in 1980
Their live shows called Thúy Nga Paris by Night
The first Paris by Night video produced in 1983 and was recorded in Paris.
Now they had total 124 videos, CD and DVD produced
From 1983 to now, they had 107 live shows
In 107 live shows, most people like Paris By Night 99: Tôi Là Ngi Vit Nam (I am Vietnamese).
This is a musical variety show to introduce and honour the successful Vietnamese people living in many places around the world. Example:
Johnny Tri Nguyen (Actor, Stunt Double, Martial Artist)
Charlie Nguyen (Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer)
Cung Le (mixed martial artist and former Sanshou
To Van Lai
Johnny Tri Nguyen
Vietnamese Name: Nguyeễn Chánh Minh Trí
Born: February 16, 1974 in Bình Dương Province, South Vietnam
Left Vietnam at the age of 8 with his family and moved to LA,
Come from a family involved in the Vietnamese entertainment industry
Acting roles in martial arts in films:
Cradle 2 the Grave
Acting stunt roles in films:
Spider-Man (stunt for Green Goblin)
Spider-Man 2 (stunt for Spider Man fight on the roof of trains)
He worked in Vietnamese film industry
He actor for many films produced by him, his brother and other:
The Rebel/Dòng Máu Anh Hùng (2007)
Saigon Eclipse/Sài Gòn Nhật Thực (2007)
Kiss of the Death/Nụ Hôn Thần Chết (2008)
Clash /Bẫy Rồng) (2009)
Love Puzzles/Cưới Ngay Kẻo Lỡ (2012)
Cho Lon/Bụi Đời Chợ Lớn (Not Yet)
Charlie Nguyen
Vietnamese Name: Nguyn Chánh Trc
Born: 1968 in Bình Dng Province, South Vietnam
Left Vietnam at the age of 14 with his family and moved to LA, California
Come from a family involved in the Vietnamese entertainment industry
He is big brother of Johnny Tri Nguyen
In 1992, Charlie started his own production company called Cinema Pictures, which was later evolved into Chanh Phuong Films in 2004. 
His film credits:
The Rebel / Dòng Máu Anh Hùng(2006) (co-writer, co-producer, director)
Fool For Love ( Mai Tính) (2009)
Big Boss / Long Rui (2011)
Love Puzzles / Ci Ngay Ko L (2012)
Cho Lon / Bi i Ch Ln (2013)
Asia Production
Established in the US in the early 1980s, and in contrast to Thúy Nga
ASIA is not a family business but is owned by shareholders s and run by manager
Reaches out beyond the estalished community performers focusing more than Thúy Nga on promoting new talent in the US and Canada
Van Son Entertainment
Established in the US in 1994
With heading “Comedy and Music”
Van Son Entertainment reaches the Vietnamese communities not only in the 50 states of the U.S.A. such as Dallas, Florida ….
but also the international countries such as Australia , Japan, Philippine ,Canada, Cambodia, Taiwan, Singapore Malaysia …. and many more in the near future.
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