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With Audio_Turn Key Internet Radio Solution-Radionomy

Whether you are a radio programmer, artist, emerging artist, DJ, audio producer or just passionate music fan, you can have your own radio station at NO-COST. That includes streaming, music licensing, and worldwide distribution. Learn more here.

Rae Palermo

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of With Audio_Turn Key Internet Radio Solution-Radionomy

Radionomy is
hand-crafted radio
No-Cost to YOU
100% Customizable

Creative control to personalize Your Station

Programming Automated
in the cloud

Custom Players for Mobile, Web, and Social
Revenue Built In
Reach a sustainable Audience
and we pay YOU

National Ads professionally inserted
( 4 min/hr)

Content IS King
Reach Audience
Reach Audience via Web Players
responsive design

The first creative RADIO platform to offer ANYONE their own internet radio station at NO-COST.

Complete Programing & Player Customization

Revenue Generating
No Streaming Costs (128K)

No Music Licensing Costs

Unlimited Listeners

No More



Radionomy Network
65 M listening hours
a month
web players
We play 4 minutes an hour with national branded ads.

Reach a threshold of 50,000 hours a month and we revenue share the ad income with YOU.

iTunes internet radio directory
Reach Audience via Distribution
Reach Audience
START A STATION TODAY: go to and create your log in
Radio Manager Online
Complete Analytics : numbers that matter
No Limits- build a network of stations


Sign Up is
Free and Fast
Game Radio
They built stations to play
automatically within sections of the game.

This is not opt in, but auto play.

Content Driven
DJ Driven
His own website

His own following

His own events

His own mobile app

His own revenue

Your Own Mobile APPs
iOS & Android
Music Boxes auto rotate
Playlist Boxes play in order
Day Templates set up a 24/7 stream
The Calendar automates up to 30 days
Grab the player and go...
mobile app
powered by Radionomy
revenue built in
Digital Stations for
traditional AM/FM broadcasters
Artist Driven Radio
Be Everywhere
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