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No description

Steve Rice

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Vestry

Almighty God, giver of all gifts, grant to the members of this Vestry, wisdom to avoid false choices, courage to follow our Lord's teachings, vision to see thy true calling for this parish, and the grace humbly to acknowledge thy Church universal, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
- People's Prayer Book, 56 Evening Prayer - 7:20-7:45 (During dinner I will ask some of you to help read)

First Conversation - 7:55-8:45 | The Missional Church1

Break - 8:45-8:55

Second Conversation - 8:55-9:45 | The Inverted Triangle, Part I2

Compline - 9:45-10 (Chapel)

Depart - 10pm Idea Commission Does it fit the mission? Is it already being done? Standards and Practices Is this the right commission? Does it require funding? Vestry Yes or No Vestry Commission Rector and/or Committees, Etc. Who's in Charge? Who's accountable? The Commissions are accountable (with consultation) to ensure the ministries fit the mission and adhere to standards and practices (fundraising, scheduling, etc.) The Vestry is accountable by agreeing (or not) to fund any ministry via the budget. The Rector and Staff are accountable in the administration and support. Who's in Charge? Jesus.
Who's Accountable? Commissions, Vestry, Rector and Staff examples Club 54
examples youth room/bellview house Buildings/Grounds Parish Life Accountability: Cathy Culver (job description), Fr. Steve (canons) Can something be done? Does it fit? - Commission
Is it appropriate? Fr. Steve
How can it be done? Cathy Culver
Should it be funded? Vestry Accountability |
Does it fit? Commission
Is it appropriate? Fr. Steve
Should it be funded? Vestry For instance The Kitchen | where does it fit? Kitchen Provisions vs. Kitchen Administration Provisions: How can it be done? Cathy Culver (or future Parish Life staff) Kitchen Oversight:
Buildings and Grounds It fits with the mission and we will fund it How can it be done? Let's get it done Examples:
Thrice Holy How can we support the ministry of St Timothy's? Clarity of mission Being connected Non-Anxious Prayerful Intelligent funding
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