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Antisocial use of ICT

No description

Ahmed Al-lawati

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Antisocial use of ICT

ICT Research 1
Antisocial use of ICT occur when one person has access to another's machine, either directly or indirectly.
1- Misuse of personal data
If the wrong person has access to your data, they can misuse it in a variety of ways:
1- Data could be deleted (e.g. your bank balance could be wiped out)
2- Data could be changed (e.g. you could end up with a criminal record, for something you didn't do)
3- Data could be used for blackmail (e.g. your school record might contain information that you are embarrassed about, and someone might threaten to reveal it to the press!)
4- Data could be used to help someone impersonate you (e.g. they could apply for a bank loan in your name). This is known as Identity Theft
2- Deleting personal data
This can be achieved in a number of ways. sometimes hackers use a logic bomb. (It's a piece of malicious code that is designed to go off in one of three ways:

1- After a specific period of time or when a pre-defined data has been reached.
2- when the user fails to respnd to a copmuter command.
3- when the user carries out a specific task such as amending a file.
3- Amending & disturbing personal data
Hackers have to gain access to data, using illegal methods, before they can change the data. when such data is accessed there are items of sensitive data that can be changed and could lead to some embarrassment of an individual. such as:
Hospitals hold information.
Police hold information.
Banks hold informations.
4- Viruses
It's a software program which is designed to copy itself over and over and attach itself to other programes.
Antisocial use of ICT
Done by: Ahmed Adil Al-lawati
grade: 12/A
5- Spam
The term spam refers to unsolicated commercial advertisments distributed online. Most spam comes to people via email, but spam can also be found in online chat rooms and message boards.

6- Cyber bullying
is bullying which uses e-technology as a means of victimising others. It is the use of an Internet service or mobile technologies - such as e-mail, chat room discussion groups, instant messaging, webpages or SMS (text messaging) - with the intention of harming another person
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