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Unit 15 The Electoral College

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Katie Monterosso

on 11 June 2018

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Transcript of Unit 15 The Electoral College

In order to change the Electoral College, there will need to be an amendment added to the Constitution.
If a candidate gets the most popular (peoples) votes in the state, the "electors" will then cast their votes the same way.

- so ALL the electoral votes for the state will go to the winner of the state.
Unit 15 The Electoral College
A compromise was written into Article 2 on HOW to elect the President;
- setting up a system of electors to select the president.....Electoral College.
Each state would get as many "electors" as there were senators and representatives from that state.
- A vote of 270 or more from the electoral college would be necessary to select the president.
- It allows a person to be selected president who has not won the popular vote in the country.

Political Party Symbols
Donkey = Democrat

Elephant = Republican
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